Illawarra District, Australia, September 10, 2012 (Date of transcription).
Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).
Subject: “Of Hierarchy, Friendship and Love.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “Good evening. It is good to be back and be welcomed among friends. Various tasks and new personalities (Mentori) have taken up much of your time, not to overlook a sudden illness that needed to be recovered from. We are back, and when I say ‘among friends’, it was for me somewhat of a tense moment to first appear before you (in 2001) as an alien arrived on this world and be accepted, instantly and without question. Congratulations to Chief Bzutu and Dr. Mendoza for their assurances that this would be so.

“Custom and behavior varies greatly from one planet to another. The diverse codes and mores as they exist on your planet between populations fail to be comparable to any that I know of, or that many of my acquaintances know of. The way you spread out over the globe, then evolved outward from the Dalamatia Center, to once more isolate yourselves for millennia, makes you unique. There exist, still, those of higher and lower castes, unable to converse on the same level, intermarry, do business, perhaps even touch.

“And if this sounds particularly like I’m referring to the Hindu world, not so, for it is identically so in your western world. ‘Stand offish’ behavior changes radically beyond your planet and Mansonia One where many of your planet will be isolated for a time. From there, new rules apply as you will be gifted in more ways to perceive your environment and all of God’s creatures therein as to their personalities, status, intelligence and function, so much better than Urantia psychologists or profilers can.

“Then, by the time of your arrival on Mansonia Two, you will be living in a state of complete certainty, confidence, yes, utter conviction that all you meet are friends, but better than friends. Still being unknown to them, all the same, you will have their love. There will be none so far above you that will shun you as unworthy. There will be none so high in status that they will avoid you. There will be none so intelligent as to see you below their rank, and there will be none so busy as to lack the time to acknowledge you.

“Your world could be like this my human friend. Indeed, your world will be like this when you fully awaken to our prompts – our incessant wake-up calls – and you finally consider that even a superbly intelligent, all-knowing Fragment of the Creator Himself – and there is none higher – is the closest of all your Friends to put up with your imperfections and tiresome back-sliding, to pour out upon you God’s unconditional love.”

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