Alabama, US of A, January 6, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Pearl of Great Value.”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver’s note: The following is the answer to a question about those mortals who are not destined for Paradise but remain in the local Universe. This happens to those who die very young, before their Thought Adjusters arrive. The question was, ‘Is this fair to those who die young either by accident or through the actions of others?’

Thought Adjuster: “A mortal experience is a prerequisite to reaching Paradise and the corps of the Finality. Those who have not gone through a mortal experience – regardless of the cause – must somehow compensate for their deficiency. Prolonged service in the universe of their birth is the solution to compensate for this lack of experience and many find that in the distant future the door to the Paradise journey will open for them, because they will have gained the necessary experience.

“As you can see, the Universe is really fair and provides each creature with everything she needs to grow. These children of the local universe become experts on their universe at a level which those destined for Paradise cannot match. The children of the universe play an important role in creation, and they are considered valuable and indispensable to universe administration. These children don’t feel that they have been deprived of anything and are as happy as their peers who reach Paradise.

“This should give you an idea of how important and intense the experience of a mortal life is, so much so, that even the Creator of this local universe was required to live as one of you before being able to claim sovereignty over His domain. If by chance one doesn’t get to live a mortal life one would need an eternity to obtain an equivalent experience. If you live a mortal life but you never develop your spiritual side, you will need a long time to make the necessary adjustments to place you on the path of progress.

“However, if you live an authentic, courageous and inspiring mortal life, growing spiritually and establishing a relationship with the Father, you will gain an experience without equal, a pearl of great value, that will be useful for all eternity and to all creation. This is the value of the great gift of life for human beings.”

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