The Feeding of the Soul

Oregon, US of A, December 4, 2016.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Feeding of the Soul.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “You were just now reading in the Urantia Book about the manifold revelations of Truth: “...whether by direct personal ministry of the Spirit of Truth, by the world bestowal of divine Sons, or through the revelations of the written word.” [UB Paper 101, Section 2]

“The fact that the ministry of the Spirit of Truth is a ‘personal’ ministry hit home with you. It once more made you realize that none among you is ever considered being generic by your Divine Parents. You are not meant to receive a ‘one size fits all’ type of spiritual education that fails to meet all of your individual needs for knowledge and enlightenment.

“You may acquire your ‘elementary’ education by being dispensed the basic knowledge that pertains to the spiritual skeleton of your being—as all of you have been created equal in that sense. Yet, once a solid frame of reference has been put into place, your ‘personal’ development takes priority, based on your unique personality and individual spiritual needs.

“Your Indwelling Divine Fragment is constantly monitoring your thought processes and, whenever you establish an adequate receptivity to His leadings, He trades His Observer Position for the more active one of Private Tutor and thus provides you with many valuable insights and precious spiritual Guidance. In His loving ministry, He as well fully collaborates with the very personal ministries of both, the Spirit of Truth and Its Consort—the Holy Spirit.

“They may expose you to some textbooks—the revelations of the written word—just as a teacher will assign some specific academic materials as teaching and visual aids. Yet, as you well know, Truth is not static and becomes very quickly stale when imprisoned between the cover of a book. This is the reason why teaching books have to be frequently revised and updated based on new discoveries. Would you rather have as a health practitioner an ‘old school’ MD who was trained decades ago and considers that his education was completed then? Or would you search for a practitioner who keeps up with new medical developments and keeps improving his skills? The answer is a no brainer.

“Indeed, textbooks can be great catalysts for enhanced thinking as they introduce to your mind some thought patterns you may not have been exposed to so far and that are needed to stimulate your grey matter and contribute to your ever expanding awareness of the overall reality you live in—beyond the mere physical realm.

“The third category of Truth Revealer agents you benefit from are incarnated divine Sons, who are visible representatives in the flesh of the Father—Glorified Teachers who come to contribute giant spiritual leaps in the whole planetary evolution. They, too, are undeniable proof of the Father’s Love for His children: When the children are not yet able to ascent to His level, the Father lowers Himself to their level through the physical embodiment of His Sons. This is what occurred on your planet over 2000 years ago through the very personal and hands-on ministry of your Master Jesus.

“How then could anyone claim abandonment? Isn’t it time to accept the established fact of the Father’s Love for all His Offspring? Indeed, on the threefold foundation of these various forms of revelation, you are constantly privy to tasty tidbits of Truth.

“And true revelation never renders science unnatural, religion unreasonable, or philosophy illogical... Thus does revelation successfully bridge the gulf between the material and the spiritual, even between the creature and the Creator, between man and God.” [UB Paper 101]

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