The Tower of Light

Asheville, NC, US of A, December 18, 2016.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “The Tower of Light.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Chris: “How do we (light workers) become more effective and efficient in helping Mother Urantia clear the Borderland of lost and deceased humans and other leftover ‘artifacts’ that need to go before the ‘tipping point’ event? Certainly those light workers that are sensitive to these ‘packets’ and other strange things are presently only moving a few at a time. I suspect this is not going to be enough to really make a difference? Can you suggest something — a method that would be more helpful?

The Scribe: “You humans are all much more powerful than you believe yourself to be, for each of you has within you a Fragment of the Creator of all. When the spiritually energetic work in groups, you amplify that power still more. I suggest that some may work together to create a gigantic light bridge at the poles of the planet. Invite those who wish to participate and add their energies to it and ‘direct’ those ‘lost ones’ to this enormous structure of light. The light bridge can be constructed like a skyscraper building having each light worker add a new floor.

“This can be done incrementally by individuals or even groups and by having a unified intent. The light bridge can begin functioning almost immediately and shall become larger and more magnetic with each new light worker adding their energies to it. You can organize this in many ways and it is up to your participants to do this work. Use whatever means at your disposal to invite those light workers to join for this purpose. Use your co-creativity to devise a method for building the floors to the light bridge. There are more ways than one to build a skyscraper — it is your powerful intention that is most important.

“The footings have already been ‘poured’ by Spirit and are now waiting for some workers to show up. Bring your hard hats and work boots, dear friends, not everyone in the Borderland is excited to see this Tower of Light.

“God speed to you,
“I AM the Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: Lately there has been a great deal of activity for me where scores of former humans have been coming to me for assistance in crossing over and it has been exhausting for me to process so many. I know others have experienced this for decades. The ‘tipping point’ event (spoken of in the Scribe’s submission) is something that I presume shall be a great change in human mass consciousness which Urantia (Gaia) is preparing for. The lower vibrational ‘debris’ that is currently floating around in the Borderland may not survive this vibrational change and many of those entities are now also looking for an exit.

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