Talking with your Father

Alabama, US of A, September 6, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Talking with your Father.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Talking with your Father is in reality very simple, but the experience of sustaining true communication depends on the disposition of a creature to believe this to be possible. Those who have been convinced since childhood that God is a distant being too far removed from our human reality and those who have been indoctrinated to believe that only a few chosen ones can achieve true communication with the Father, will have difficulties experiencing a deeper relationship with the Creator, unless they manage to forget these ways of thinking and turn their attention to God with the hope of a child.

“Every normal human mind is inhabited by the divine presence of the Father – the Thought Adjuster (TA). This divine spirit, originated in perfection, is constantly trying to teach eternal truths to the mortal mind, with the goal of helping a human being know the Father and understand His will in order to arrive at total perfection. The voice of the TA is the voice of the Father – God Himself – living inside a human being, sharing experiences and serving as a teacher and a guide. The communication with God is a continuous and common process in a human life, however, the experience of listening to the Father and following His advice depends exclusively of the desires of each creature.

“The service of the TA is perfect and highly efficient because it talks directly to the human soul, without the need of going through the mind and without having to simplify or downgrade the concepts and meanings to human levels. It is possible for a mortal to achieve a high degree of understanding of the truth without having the capacity to explain that knowledge in words. However, these truths are forever part of that personality and have an application in the life experience of that person.

“This makes difficult the transmission of insights gained through experience to other mortals who have not had a similar experience. You could describe to your peers what you feel when you fall in love, how your heart beats louder when you are near the object of your affection and how you feel joy just by thinking on your beloved. However, they will not be able to really appreciate what you mean until they themselves have fallen in love.

“True religion is a personal experience. When a human being progressively comes closer to God that person can observe changes in his or her way to see the world and can notice how the fruits of spirit start to manifest in his or her life’s actions and decisions. The fact that others are not able to appreciate or validate your personal experience doesn’t make it less real. Each one of you is free to search for these experiences and establish a deeper relationship with the Father. The resulting experience and learning are enough to reward any effort made by those curious souls who yearn to know more about their destiny. It is then that the confidence and the trust in the Father will illuminate the path enabling the soul to make the definitive decision and achieve eternal life.”

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