Unsettled Times

Illawarra District, Australia, December 2, 2016.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Unsettled Times.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “You may call me the Damascus Scribe or you may call me Sananda, I don’t mind which, as long as you call me your Friend. There are things for us to discus, words for you to record and you know that whilst your Midwayer co-workers are elsewhere and otherwise gainfully employed, I like for you to go deep and take your time in doing so. It is pure fallacy to contend that having me wait even a few seconds or minutes is a waste of my precious time.

“So, count yourself down in the usual way, take as long as you like and then formulate your questions in your mind. There is a tendency for one to become lackadaisical, even slapdash about operational procedure and on occasions make a royal mess of a job. Begin now.”

George (minutes later): “OK, I think I’m there now.”

The Scribe: “As an intelligent lifeform on a terrestrial plane you must find it almost impossible to create the things you need without the use of tools and without producing waste materials. It is difficult to make clothing without first using a pair of scissors to cut the cloth. Having done the cutting, you are left with the raw usable pieces and the waste material. You are now beginning to comprehend where I am going with all this, I note. However, there is more.

“If you were to build a house from the ground up, you would be left with usable steel, timber, glass, bricks, insulation material and much, much more, all to keep for future works. There would also be tiny offcuts of wood and sawdust, broken bricks and brickdust, glass shards and broken roof tiles . . . all kinds of stuff.

“As well, it takes a special crew to clean up around the home, lay the paths, establish the garden and do it all in a professional way. In time it will become hard to remember ‘what all work’ was done until the project was completed. Quite soon regular maintenance cuts in.

“So it is in the nearby dimensions and so it is in all facets of the Borderland. Urantia (Gaia) has announced She will need your services and once again some of you have become that special crew, that clean-up crew to help bring Her house in order. You have answered Her call and you are referring all those to be kept safe to reach up to the Light and you are also dissolving ‘the offcuts, and sawdust, the broken bricks and brickdust, the glass shards and broken roof tiles’ of Urantia’s long neglected Borderland.

“These are unsettled times, yes, an era of awakening, for your Time of a long-awaited Correction has moved a little closer to its point of no return, a little closer to that tipping point where the future of Light and Life for Urantia will still be quite far off . . . but guaranteed at last.

“All those on High are extremely proud of you, as Am I. I am the Damascus Scribe. Do always count on me, My partners in progress, as I count on you all.”

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