A Non-physical Component -- (Part Two of Two).

Alabama, US of A, December 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Non-physical Component” -- (Part Two of Two).

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Without faith, this spiritual component of the human being remains a mystery. Nothing is known about its origin or function, as you likewise don’t know anything about your origin and destiny. However, through faith you can choose to believe that it is God who lives in you. You can give a chance to this idea and start to seriously explore this aspect of yourself. The good thing is that once you have dedicated your time to this endeavor, many things will happen to reinforce this undertaking, increasing your intuition and spiritual discernment. Then, what was once just a leap of faith becomes a certainty, the supreme experience of the human life – to discover our Celestial Father, the Creator of the universe, within ourselves and to start to become like Him. This is how a human being can escape from the chains of the material world and become more real and spiritual, even while living in this world.

“These are the major steps in the journey of a mortal towards spiritual achievement:

  • “The mortal receives a Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster starts to motivate the creature to consider spiritual realities.
  • “The mortal experiences for the first time spiritual curiosity.
  • “At some point, the mortal decides to overcome doubts and to explore spirituality. The Thought Adjuster starts to attempt to answer his questions. This is a level few attain in this world since it requires independent thinking and moving beyond what is traditionally considered to be religion.
  • “The mortal is slowly gaining certitude that there is something beyond the physical and she (or he) starts to receive answers to her questions. She starts to experience ‘spiritual hunger’, and starts receiving according to her potential and her level of spiritual attainment. Here the mortal realizes that something is changing inside of her, and her spiritual hunger inspires in her the desire to be better, to emulate the perfection that she considers to be worthy of God. She starts to adore.
  • “A transformation is observed in the mortal creature. He is increasingly more identified and in harmony with the divine presence and with the will of the Father. Unconditional love starts to be expressed through the mortal. The Thought Adjuster has more power to influence in the decisions of the mortal due to an intelligent submission to the will of God. The mortal becomes co-creative and contributes more actively to the universal experience – the Supreme – and to the actual manifestation of the potentiality of the Father’s will.
  • “The Thought Adjuster determines that the mortal has reached such a level of alignment with Him that there is no possibility of discrepancies under any situation in eternity. The fusion with the Thought Adjuster occurs. The mortal is one with the Creator and becomes immortal, eternal and on the path to perfection. The details of aligning the human will with the divine will have been satisfied. This new being is now prepared to start the long journey to better understand the universe and deity. This journey will bring this new being back to the Source, the origin, the presence of God. From there on, the perfected human being will continue discovering and experiencing new expressions of deity while actively participating in the creation of new realities.”


The end of “A Non-physical Component” Part Two of Two.

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