A Non-physical Component -- (Part One of Two)

Alabama, US of A, December 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Non-physical Component” -- (Part One of Two).

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “The universe as a system, and in its totality, cannot be satisfactorily understood without consideration of the will of the Father, the creative power behind everything; the primordial cause. In their mortal lives, humans are always limited by the capacity of their senses, the reach of their experiences as a species, and the level of their faith. When faith is limited, the universe becomes incomprehensible, mysterious, and even dangerous to the human mind that wants to understand.

“Sometime in the future, human beings in this sphere will reach the limits of their understanding of the universe. There will always be things that cannot be imagined by the mortal mind, because they involve ways of contemplation that the human mind cannot ‘digest’. This is not clear to you now, and the reason is that it is impossible for you to imagine a situation completely different to all your experiences and what you think of as true. For example, the existence of different time frames, and different living beings in those time frames, is something you may accept by faith, but you cannot really understand this, because you have not experienced moving across such time frames. Similarly, there are many things in universal reality that will never enter into the minds or the imagination of mortal creatures, and these will have to wait to be discovered during the next stage of existence.

“A lot of what you collectively know today is due to what you have observed with your five senses. Even your scientific instruments are just extensions of those senses to perceive things that normally would go unnoticed. It is not difficult to image that there may be other stimuli that can only be perceived with senses you don’t posses. How might you design experiments to observe that which you don’t even suspect to exist? How might you design devices to search for something you are not looking for?

“The impulse to search for the truth belongs to a sense that has not yet been cataloged by humanity. Every normal person in this world has wondered about the existence of God and has felt an impulse to ask the important questions: What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Some concern their selves with these things more than do others, but all have pondered these questions at some point during their lives.

“It is not possible for you to transcend the senses you posses. It is not possible to feel something that cannot be perceived by your senses. Therefore, these impulses to explore spirituality, that have little to do with our immediate life, or our survival instincts, provide a hint that there is more in you than that which can be enumerated by a physical exam. There is a non-physical component in you that allows you to transcend the physical – to see yourself ‘from the outside’ -- and ask those puzzling questions.”

The end of “A Non-physical Component,” Part One of Two.

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