A Lesson about Ideas

Alabama, US of A, December 29, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Ideas.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Ideas are often transmitted beyond the use of language or other types of communication. Ideas are things that, once created, never disappear. They are recorded and may be accessible to others in different time frames. This is the most powerful influence a human being can have on the rest of the universe. Even now in your material form you could generate original ideas for the entire cosmos.

“The reception of these ideas in your world is mostly an unconscious process. A person tuned to the same frequencies as you are – searching for answers to the same questions – could ‘find’ the thoughts generated by you and receive inspiration to do something. You already know about the phenomena of multiple inventions or discoveries of the same thing occurring in different parts of the world at almost the same time, without any contact among the parties involved*. You have also observed how something that came to your mind once has found expression through others.

“Often, mortals have attempted to fight against this effect of idea transmission. The spirit of competition that has governed the relationships and the human material evolution has resulted in legal resources that prevent an idea from being ‘stolen’ by others. Ideas are the patrimony of all, because your mind, your ingenuity, and your culture, owe a lot to those who came before you, as well as to those who give without asking for anything in return: the Creator parents, the adjutant spirits of the mind, and the inspiring celestial teachers.

“If you make an effort to think independently, without the self-imposed secrecy restrictions aimed at preventing others from benefiting from your ideas, you could contribute greatly to the progress of your world and to the universal culture. The solutions you imagine for the problems in your world are being transmitted to many others and one of them might well receive with enough clarity to understand what you mean and do something about it. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the traditional methods for the transmissions of ideas – conversation, writing, and more – but even if nobody hears what you want to say, or read what you write, your ideas will not be lost and those things of eternal value will find an expression with the help of our Father in the creation of new realities.”

* In a 1922 paper titled “Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution” by William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas, there is list of 148 inventions or discoveries that were made simultaneously in different parts of the world. Some of the discoveries include calculus, decimal fractions, oxygen, and sunspots. Some of the inventions include the telephone, color photography, and the telescope. You can see the paper here: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2142320?seq=1

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A Lesson on Interference

Urantia, September 03, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Interference.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us tackle the word interference and the deeper meanings of this word. There are amazingly many ways of interference that can come about – from the inside out, like in your own thought processes and from the outside in, as from others and from the environment. We will take the first category, because the interference from the inside out is the one you can control, and having learned a measure of control, you may then also to some extent be able to control the interferences from others and the environment. First of all, you need to recognize how interference works in your mind. This again can be sub-categorized, because there is the subtle interference from chemicals as in medicines and the ones you can control yourselves like drugs and alcohol and unhealthy nutrition, which really are the outside interferences.

“I would also like to mention, and this is the most important one: Those random thoughts in your mind, which run rampant and uncontrolled, can be very bothersome when they become repetitious as in an obsession. There are also those thoughts which seem to get ‘stuck’ as a thought-process, which is like an echo from your past. In reality these are the thought processes from your parents, who impressed their thoughts upon your impressionable mind. Likely you will pass these on to your own children. This you can correct, as they are not only among the do’s and don’ts of childhood, but also their out-moded belief-systems.

“It is so very important that you grow your own belief system as spirituality is a totally personal matter, and ought never to be spoon-fed to children or forced upon young adults. All have in their minds a Spark of the Creator God. This is your unerring Pilot Light, your Thought Adjuster, who works unceasingly to uplift your thoughts to a higher level. It is your mere mortal mind which interferes with the Spark’s endeavors. It is your mind, first of all, which can be brought under your control. This does not depend on the level of education one attains, although schooling can help to lead thoughts to a more focused way of thinking. Book knowledge is never more important than experiential knowledge. Book knowledge only reaches the heart, when it is put to practice. It is very important that you scrutinize the material you read and question if it benefit you. If not, it becomes a waste of time.

“Also, scrutinize the manner of your thoughts. What is it that interferes with your attention, making you ‘hop, skip and jump’ from one thought to the next? Random thinking can have its benefits. It is important to let creativity have a say in your mind. You are far more creative than you think yourselves to be, but you allow mundane thoughts to interfere, so you lose the thread of your thoughts. The easiest way to learn to control your thoughts is to confide in ME, your Thought Adjuster, who can teach you, how to control your thoughts and at the same time give you insight as to how to live the better way with the least amount of stress. I am telling you, that this is the greatest favor you can do yourself to reap the most spiritual growth in the process. Think what a great partnership ours could be if you involved Me more consciously, and of course willingly, in your life with the least of outside interference.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


Of Tolerance and Patience – Part 1

Illawarra District, Australia, August 2, 2012.
Mentori (outspoken) Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Tolerance and Patience – Part 1.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mentori Spokesperson: “There are those of the Angelic groups now enrolled as Mentori Teachers that trace their ‘birth’ back to a time before your Midwayer Teachers were, indeed before your world was understood to become a decimal world. You see, my dear friend and student, those of lower ranks to the Angels are their students. Not only do we progress by learning from them directly, but we are also examined as to our ability to transfer knowledge to you. Only a few are allowed to be known by name. No, not I.

“I am a former human and I hail from a planet in this sector, however, an extraordinarily peaceful one. And it is therefore that I choose to assist those of this rebellious planet in our Nebadon, whilst also advancing myself to be of greater use to our Creator Parents in one of the time-space-distant universes now ‘unfolding’ beyond your mortal vision, and ‘outside of’ your present reality. By mutual agreement, our Thought Adjuster fusion is on hold, which is most common. With few exceptions, yes, fused former mortals choose ascension.

“Our prepared lesson, on subjects of my suggestion, tolerance and patience, patience and tolerance, is relayed to you by your friend of some ten years, Midwayer Mathew, who stepped forward to be of service. We shall begin. In your eagerness to inherit a world to your liking, you scamper about as if you are running out of time to set this world straight within one generation. Indeed, let us not forget that you are the caretakers of this world, the custodians of your spiritual history, the rangers in (of) your physical environment.

“Disappointingly, here you are ‘stoking wars’ in many places, ruining yourselves, and planning even more wars, to achieve what? As a single organism, and that is how we see you, you are amputating parts of that self, creating veritable no-go zones of lethal pollution, thus reducing your liveable world in size, and ‘dumbing down’ the general population by second-rate teachings, inappropriate nutrition, totally repressed and even distorted news, plain lies in black and white for all to see. Is this your Correcting Time? Is it truly so?

“While we hear prayers offered to the Creator for Him to slay your opponents, what utter shame, there can be no shortcut to human progress! You must take your time, apply patience, find tolerance in your hearts in getting to know ‘the other side’ as being merely a part of yourselves, of the organism that you are, yet individual offspring – men, women, and children – of the very God you revere! I am a Mentor in a large group, a circle of Mentori and you may refer to me as the outspoken one. I wish all those present a good evening.”

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


God’s Inevitabilities

Chicago, US of A, August 24, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “God’s Inevitabilities.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Human beings enjoy free will to choose their own destinies, yet often manage to operate well beyond the limit of their prerogatives. However, at the end of the day they are finite creatures existing in a finite Universe, ruled by an infinite and sovereign God.

“The pendulum of finite reality may experience swing after swing from progression to regression and back again, and yet ultimately the perfect will of God will prevail – a wonderful adventure He proposed for Himself – to experience the myriad experiences of His own creatures.

“In theory, no change can ever exist with the Eternal, Infinite and Perfect God. If considered exclusively in absolute sense, creation could never exist as a new thing. Here, the concepts of potentialities and inevitabilities are useful to understand the ‘actions of God’. In God, realities can be seen as existential, actual and potential. These all manifest God, but in different ways. Existentials are the primary and ontological attributes of God that make Him the infinite I AM. Actuals are potentials that are actualized as inevitabilities, out of His infinite possibilities. It’s due to this eternal dynamics that God is He, and is not His Creation (the alter reality)

“To bring the inevitabilities of God to our practical relationship with Him, let us talk about God’s will, love and justice. The will of God is inevitable because He is a person. Only a personal God could create personal beings. We all have to face the fact that there is a Sovereign Will ruling the Universe, to which we are all willingly drawn to submit.

“God’s love is inescapable. It tells us that God is a good God. Neither a thing nor creature in this vast Universe is deprived of God’s love, which permeates all. Evil does not preclude the presence of God’s love. Rather it becomes more evident that ‘where evil abounds, love abounds more strongly’. God’s love is contagious and attractive, but never forcibly manipulated. God never ceases to love us, even if we cease to love Him. God’s love is inevitable, and impossible to hide from.

“The justice of God is inevitable, but never a punishment. Justice, as the word suggests, is an adjustment. God’s justice is His way of adjusting all things to His loving and perfect will. God’s justice is rooted in His primacy to all. There is a tension between the perfect love of God and His perfect justice, which is solved by His perfect mercy. Justice is fair, but mercy is beyond fairness – it is forgiveness, patience, long suffering, enough to bring humans to acknowledge (and if they want to accept this) the goodness of God. Mercy, however, is not endless. When all mercy is reject, humans will face the fair, inevitable and final justice of God – to which they do willingly submit themselves.

“Human beings are not an accident, or a product of chance, but inevitabilities of the will of God, invited to become His partners in co-creation, which alone makes life worthwhile. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on high, always within reach of a single inviting thought.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


Precisely What You Need

Alabama, December 27, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Precisely What You Need.”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver’s note: “The following transmission is a reply to a question about those meditation or visualization methods for sale that promise to help you obtain whatever you want.”

Thought Adjuster: “You know that our Father doesn’t satisfy His children’s every whim. The desires of mortals are often focused on what is temporary, whilst the eternal value of what is desired depends on the degree of maturity of the person. The belief in a magical way to obtain material things has gained traction mostly because of how attractive this idea is. Who would not like to find an easier way to get what he or she wants? Many have fallen for this false idol and waste their energy and their money searching for the secret to find success and happiness.

“No, visualizing or meditating with absolute concentration about having a million dollars in the bank will not make it happen. But maybe you don’t need one million to be happy. Maybe the current economic situation make it impossible for many to become millionaires. Maybe poverty and the struggle to make ends meet is exactly what you need to become a strong and trustworthy person, full of compassion and love for your brothers and sisters in this world. You can be sure of one thing, our Father will give you precisely what you need to grow spiritually and in this regard nothing will ever be denied.

“And on this subject, here is a parable: A child asked his father for ice cream at lunch. The father who dearly loved his child, and dreamed about seeing her grow strong and healthy decided to give her a carrot instead. When the child received the carrot she complained bitterly and didn’t eat it, yelling to her father: ‘Are you mocking me? Do you enjoy watching me suffer? Why are you so unfair?’

“Those who wisely choose at some point in their lives to do the Father’s will notice that all their wishes become a reality and all their prayers are answered. These mortals don’t become rich and famous. Many of them seem to separate from needs and wants of this world and become indifferent to its traps and lies. When you pray, ask for spiritual illumination, and you will get it. Ask to be transformed into a new being of truth and light, and observe how you are born again. Ask to be more like your Father and you will become more like Him. These are the greatest miracles of mortal life and they can be yours only by wishing. Life in this world is but a second in eternity. Don't let spiritual shortsightedness prevent you from becoming what your Father wishes for you.”

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.