You are the Pioneers of this Spiritual Awakening

Alabama, US of A, February 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You are the Pioneers of this Spiritual Awakening.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many more among you are beginning to realize that all truth and knowledge is already within you. Each day, more among you perceive the shine of the Divine Spark of the Father in your hearts. This is scarcely the beginning of the awakening, the dawning of the age of Light and Life, yet the will of the Father is spreading to become a reality in this world.

“Today the proportion of those of the world population who ‘listen’ compared to those who don’t is almost negligible, but these awakenings will become more frequent with time. The channels have been reconnected and your sphere is no longer in quarantine. The capacity for spiritual reception is normalizing in the little ones now being born and a great spiritual awakening will begin to manifest. Perhaps it will not happen as fast as many of you would desire for it to happen. Just remember that the timing of the Father is always perfect, and all this is already a reality on Paradise and in eternity.

“It is now when you can do the greater good. It is now when your words of encouragement to your peers, your inspiration to create works of art that awaken imagination, and your curiosity to explore the potentials that remain hidden within you, can have a deeper and greater impact. The currents of love flow with increasing freedom and those who use this momentum of the tides of change will notice how their efforts seem to become multiplied.

“You are the pioneers of this spiritual awakening. One day you will look back and you will see how your apparently irrelevant efforts did contribute to make your world a better place. All impulses, desires, and efforts to elevate the spiritual level of your world, and increase the well-being of your peers, will always yield results.

“Many of those who have left your world rejoice when observing how the small seeds they planted in the past are germinating in the hearts of the men and women of this generation at this time. Just like many of the truths and ideas of your philosophers and religious ones of the past found a means of expression in the Urantia book, the ideas and the meanings you learn about today will be the revelations that will lead the souls of the future to the gates of salvation. Imagine, think, write, search, because all learning belongs to you as much as it belongs to all who may need it throughout the universes. This is your contribution to the Supreme Being and the way in which you start to co-creatively participate in the development of a new reality.

“You are beginning to understand that you are all one, part of the same organism. You already know that there is great undiscovered potential hidden within each one of you. However, what you can achieve by working together in harmony, and with unity of purpose, easily transcends anything you might achieve alone. It will go well beyond what the most imaginative among you can conceive. When you start to spiritually awaken, and you start to associate with your peers at a higher level, you will discover that the limitations of what you thought you could achieve together, will vanish.

“Imagine working on projects that will require many generations to complete. Imagine everyone making an effort to do the best they can without being concerned about individual glory or personal rewards. Imagine one generation working tirelessly and joyfully so the next generation doesn’t have to start all over again, but instead their being able to ‘stand upon the shoulders’ of their forefathers, and advance even further. Imagine continued progress in all fields. This is the reality for those who dare to leave behind their fears and prejudices to work on a goal more important than their selves – to fulfill their universal responsibilities and leave their world in better shape than they first found it.”

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After the Flood - Religion

Illawarra District, Australia, April 28, 2013.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subjects: “After the Flood - Religion.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I think of you when I hear the name of your town. It seems a shame the way it is being destroyed.”

The Scribe: “You are a true friend for you to concern yourself with my town, and I am grateful, but my thoughts are with the people at the present time. Soon the barbarous will flood the stage spurred on by the most cruel of task masters. However, our universes keep perfect score, and those who spoil must make good, those who kill must do healing, whilst those who maim and steal must feel the psychological pain of having duped a brother. The flood will drown everything before it, unless the tide is turned back.

“Then, after perhaps two-score years, it is time to clean up, a time to make friends, and a time for an unqualified go-ahead of the resumption of your Correcting Time with the grand period of Light and Life to distantly come into view? For so long have you sent your young to cut short the lives of their young. For so long have you warred over religion when dishonest acquisition of territory, control, power, and booty has ever been your aim. We will now speak of the matter for which we convenened this meeting of minds.

“Following periods of personal enlightenment, individuals acquire an overwhelming need to share with others that which can never be explained in numbers, pictures, or words. One might need to be of spirit to explain the spiritual. It does however do little to restrain the courageous and the zealous from ministering to the uninitiated and so, in many instances, we witness the birth of yet another religion. As much as circumstances still force you to inadvertently look down upon those who practice a religion, these ‘cults’ are important.

“You have your reasons to distrust some in religious service to the Creator, but I assure you that without religions of all kinds spiritual progress would be impossible for this world as a whole. Religions in most cases represents the ideal cradles to spirituality, by their quaint outdated principles, by what these religions have in common, and by how those who logically follow these religions and can forge real spiritual truths from the outmoded. Few will follow a spiritual path when brought up without religious teachings of a kind.

“They are those who use their minds to fill in the words not heard in sermons. They are those who read their truths between the lines. They are those who lift their hearts to their Creator. And they are those who progress their spirits for all times.”

“It is I who mourn not the towns, but their people, the old and young and infants, robbed of their essential planetary experiences. May peace reign beyond this flood of anger, lust and greed. And may you herald in and decree millennia of serenity. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

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Each According to their Needs

Michigan, US of A, April 21, 2013.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Each According to their Needs.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “The message for today is about learning to be aware of the spiritual needs of others, and giving to them that spiritual love and light that is inside of you. This can be achieved by recognizing the level of love that they can accept – where they are in their spiritual journey, and giving to them that part they can receive without injury to their current beliefs and understandings. This is the path to unconditional love and enlightenment. Only by example will others see the light that is in you, and so will they become curious about who you are, and what it is you have that makes you so bright and full of the Father’s love.

“As students on the path, this method of recognizing the needs of others, and attenuating the level of love and truth they can receive, is one of the most difficult to master and it requires that you become completely selfless and attentive to the specific needs of that individual who is seeking spiritual love and guidance, but who is not consciously aware of that need. There are many on your world that are in need of this kind of love and guidance, and they will be drawn to the light that you have if they feel the unconditional trust and assurance that they will not be judged.

“You must carry a sense of peace and loving kindness in your interactions with others, and always should you listen for feedback from your Indwelling Spirit as you listen to the need or unspoken desire of those in your presence. See each person as a soul, like yourself, who is growing, but always understanding that they are at a different place along the path to eternity. Have patience, and learn to listen more than to console. When they feel safe and free from judgment, they will open the door for greater light to come in. Your Indwelling Spirit will make you aware of the opportunity, and you can share that part of the light that will not blind them.

“For some it may take years of exposure to your example before progress can be made. For others, they will open up like a flower to the early morning sun, and so shall you always evaluate your thoughts and adjust to the moment. Over watering a flower will not help it to grow faster, for it must have only enough light and moister according to its needs. Just as you care for the flowers on your patio, observing the state of the leaves and feeling the soil for moisture, do you know whether or not it needs watering, and so shall you observe and feel for how others are needing love and light.

“In this way, my friends, can you, as light workers who are dedicated to changing the contrast of this planet from one of ignorance and darkness to one of love and light, be truly effective. The more aware you are of your own thoughts and actions will you be able to discern the needs of others and be of service. Being a co-creator in the Great Plan requires this learning and teaching experience, and this is something that you will be doing throughout your ascendant careers as you move inward toward perfection. The Father gives each according to their needs and so by living the will of the Father, you are doing the works of the Father.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. Financial Support

Let Your Father Work Through You

Alabama, US of A, February 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Let Your Father Work Through You.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Some may be concerned that your civilization is reaching a point of stagnation, and they would be quite correct at that. When the majority in a civilization is more concerned with pleasures and self-gain instead of with making contributions – creating new or added value that you leave behind during your transit through this world – things can indeed end up very badly. It happened to Greece and it happened to Rome.

“How could you transform these materialistic and selfish tendencies? By identifying the problem and calling attention to it. Your educators should make an effort to motivate their students to be useful, not to be important. Remember that it is the task that may be important, not the self. This has nothing to do with the importance you have in the eyes of your Father, who loves you unconditionally as He does all your siblings. ‘He who wants to be great should be at the service of all his brothers,’ said the Master. You will be judged ‘up there’ by the amount of good you have done, by the size of your contributions, not by your fame and fortune.

“A human being can do great things in the world from a spiritual point of view, but an attitude of self importance will effectively restrict the growth of that soul. This was the mistake Lucifer made. He associated the position which the trust of his peers provided him with a misjudged sense of his own importance, so much so, he considered himself above God. Your destiny is certainly to be like God, to His image, but He doesn’t place Himself so far above you that He cannot commune with creatures that are the furthest removed from perfection, and He does this like a loving Father does with His children.

“Those who give themselves a lot of importance start to disconnect from the universal spiritual currents, because they start to believe they don’t need the Father. Those who remain humble, wisely putting their lives and their will under the influence of the Father, find He will always guide them towards their best destination. The Father is a ruler who works through His children. You are the tool of the Father, and if you start to believe you don’t need Him, you will loose your usefulness. If you loose communication and stop hearing His voice, you will not be able to follow His advice or His instructions. The ultimate reality in the universe is that all begins and ends with God. Every path that does not lead in His direction will take you nowhere, just to your death.

“Be the change you want to see in this world. Be an example of a worker who does what he does for the love of his peers. Let the Father work through you, doing what you do with your focus on being an intelligent tool – an agent of the Father on earth. When people discover they don’t need so much in excess in order to live happily, and that material overindulgence does not equal success, they will start to search for a way to more effectively satisfy their need to belong and be accepted. Work today for those who will come later. This is the intelligent way to at present consider your efforts. Ask yourself how what you do today will impact the next generation? Am I working just for me, or am I contributing something to the future?”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. Financial Support


Chicago, US of A, April 16, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Tragedies.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Evolution, as a technique of producing life in the time-space realms is not wholly unpredictable, since it obeys the plans established by the Life Carriers. However, life on a planet like Urantia can become particularly unpredictable, especially after the manifestation of personality with free will. Free will brings with it the possibility of evil, and evil is an element of destruction. It poses a risk to the very life forms that are carefully nourished by Life Carriers for many millennia before human beings evolve in the realm. In this predicament resides the answer to unfortunate events in your world – wars and tragedies so often witnessed.

“Even after free will manifests in the realm, a planet is not left to its own devices. Soon after are inaugurated the several dispensations of the Sons of God coming to a planet to improve the planet’s cultural and or biological status, as certainly happened on Urantia. This invisible administration usually starts with the Planetary Prince and his 100 re-personalized mortals of the realm, to gently aid the planet’s evolutionary progress. On Urantia, unfortunately, your Prince Caligastia joined the Lucifer Rebellion, disarranging the divine plan and bringing about great confusion to the only newly emerging human civilization. That was the first calamity your world experienced.

“The next great tragedy was when Adam and Eve were brought from on High to be Urantia’s racial up-lifters, and they also fell into darkness, not by rebellion, but by default. Their default greatly thwarted the celestial plan to improve the human race with the superior genes of Adamic descendants, as they both personally mixed their genes with individuals of the evolutionary races before building up a strong progeny of a thousand generations. This default added to the confusion Caligastia’s sin had brought. It also rather deprived you of a superior spiritual capacity.

“These two tragic events on your world did impact your development as a human race and it affected your cultural civilization, but they were not considered to be your fault. Notwithstanding, these two events disadvantaged you greatly. They did not incapacitate you to the degree that they stopped you from progressing in this world, as was always intended. In fact, because of your low condition, your planet was chosen by the Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, as the world on which he would make His final bestowal to gain total sovereignty of His domain. This happened when he was born in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. His coming to your world became your greatest blessing and most supreme privilege of all.

“After 2000 years, you still have grave troubles in your world, because your culture has not yet sufficiently, or broadly enough, absorbed the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings. As well, there is your still strong animal tendency to solve conflicts by violence. Your current tragedies from wars, greed and aggrandizement, are fully your own deeds and liability. Only an increased awareness of your unity as a race, and of your common origin in God as your Father, can minimize these tragedies and dissipate them in time. As far as God is concerned, these new tragedies are now fully your responsibility. I am Prolotheos, and I wish you all peace.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. Financial Support