A Few Moments Each Day

Alabama, Us of A, January 12, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Few Moments Each Day”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The source of everything you need and all that is resides within you. The external conditions and the physical appearances are not important. The most important thing, what requires most of your attention and focus is the way in which you move closer to God within yourself.

“This true should bring a great freedom to the human heart. How may today are struggling to achieve temporal and useless goals? How many unnecessary loads rest over the shoulders of so many who yet don't understand why are they living for or where are they going? The best thing you can do for yourselves, your brothers and sisters, and the entire universe is to try to discover the Father in your heart and establish a relationship with Him. This is the main thing and everything else will come to you.

“Your decisions are what brings spiritual illumination. It is in those frequent moments during your day when you must choose between the material and the spiritual where you choose your final destination. Sometimes you may have to choose the material since you are forced to serve two masters, but you should dedicate sometime often to the tasks of eternal value, because it is through them that you real life will begin, as you start to become what you have been destined to be.

“Human beings in this world cannot aspire to live a life entirely spiritual. They should always have to do something to satisfy their material needs, regardless of how advanced your civilization becomes. However, developing a more spiritual life requires only a few moments each day of taking some time to remember your purpose.

“Do what you need to do to survive in the world, but do not loose sight of your eternal goal. This is the first lesson of your long eternal career: learning to live a life doing our Father's will wherever you are, regardless of your conditions and your environment. A creature who has learned this lesson and lives thus will be trustworthy to the personalities of the universe and will have triumphed over sin – the intentional error – becoming a true child of God.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


A Lesson on Stillness

Urantia, September 22, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Stillness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Stillness is a requirement for a happier life. Stillness presents you with an inner peace, providing you are willing to ‘look your personal short-comings in the eye’ and demonstrate a desire to better yourself for your highest good and the highest good of the universe. In this way everyone and everything is blessed by your efforts. It takes self-knowledge, and by this I mean that you must be willing to notice that there are areas in your life you can improve upon. Stillness is not only a tool to worship your God within, but it also allows you to recognize where you can improve, and so acquire wisdom through this experience. This is not an easy road to begin with, but in time it yields many incredible blessings. Importantly, you learn to accept yourself as a beloved child of the Creator God, Who loves all of His offspring equally – His created children and His evolving creatures.

“This is how all the universes of space are evolving and peopled. You have realized by now that you are not the only planet in existence and in time you will realize that the universe is really a friendly and loving place. You are not yet well enough evolved to realize this, as some of your under-developed minds in the cosmic consciousness area, still insist on fear-mongering and speak about weaponry for space. I beg to ask the question, ‘What on earth for?’ The universe does not allow warfare among its planets. The spiritual hierarchy only desires for you all to grow out of your ‘sand box’ stage and take your place as worthy cosmic citizens, who can welcome their neighbours from other planets.

“I tell you that sitting in the Stillness, and connecting up with the Spark of God within, is precisely what mortals do on other planets. They all desire the connection with the All That Is. Many of them are much further progressed along this path of having acquired a clearer vision of the All That Is, while others are about at your level and there are some who lag far behind, not unlike some on your planet. Everything, however, works out for the ultimate good of all concerned. The ones further ahead are those who have gone beyond the warmongering stage. They have become more peaceful. They have in their times of Stillness realized the folly of their ways in that the most beneficial Source of all creation is all-loving and all-forgiving. It is the omnipotent, omniscient God, Who desires to come alive in all His seeking children.

“It is the very personality of that Great Being, which yearns to intimately be connected in the inner life of all His myriad creatures. This would be the culmination of His yearnings that you would feel more at home in the universe when you finally realize that you are not a cosmic orphan and no longer alone, but part of an enormous and most loving organization. Do away with your selfish superstitions and grow up to accept each other as brothers and sisters, first here on this planet and then in the infinitely wide cosmos. You are all equally loved and respected, so set aside all of your differences and recognize each other at your spiritual root source. The tool thereto is Stillness meditation, which each of you can use to come to a greater understanding through insight leading first to worship and then to wisdom. These too, are God-given Gifts. Discover these Gifts within yourselves.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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Of Past and Future

Illawarra District, Australia, September 23, 2012.
Andite Leader Ionah.
Subject: “Of Past and Future.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “You are as good as your word, now as 13000 years ago.”

Ionah: “The members of our teaching group and I greet you. In conversing with you, we are taking ‘time out’ from our normal reversion break. However, there is a reason for this contact, and it will become clear. What draws me to your world is that it is my world also, through the ‘blood I inherited’ from the Nodites and the Adamites. As well, two of my closest friends still with you, Chief ABC-22, and Primary Midwayer Andrea, were our companions on the ocean journey from Japan to South America.

“On top of that, my drive, my task, and my very nature was the achievement of progress at a time when it had become urgent for the Red Race to be upstepped by the best the then established world could offer – consider Asia foremost, but Europe and Africa as well. And there, my group who know me so well, are comparing my sea-faring band of long ago, so intent on improving the physicality and intellect of the Red Man, with the efforts of the 11:11 Progress Group focussed solely on promoting a more spiritual life for many thousands.

“We both are brothers in service to Michael, and I mentioned intent. Intent, pure and simple, but pure intent above all, is all that counts. Much was achieved by those who brought their knowledge of genetics, plant life, skills, and diverse trades to the Americas. Much was later lost because there was no follow-up migration from either Japan or from any of the tropical archipellagos that dotted the Southern Pacific Ocean, and whose beautiful islands were slowly reduced in size until almost all of these sank over the generations.

“Many of the countless thousands who inhabited these islands and atols ‘shipped themselves back’ to Asia’s solid ground. Many who were left behind without either the trees, or even the skills to fashion sea-worthy vessels were doomed for the lack of food if not cannibalized by their kin as conditions deteriorated, populations were reduced, and tribes inbred and acquired mental illnesses in these slowly worsening circumstances. A young planet such as our Urantia is capable of disappointing the most well-intended and best-laid plans.

“Today, melting ice-caps once again threaten to slowly inundate low-lying lands, but you will be prepared. Today your gravest danger lies in a global monetary melt-down. Educate yourselves about those lurking dangers which your governments refuse to proclaim, even admit. Be prepared for unfolding difficulties with shortages of the staples of life, empty supermarket shelves, yes, and unavailable energy supplies, for those entrusted with the management of the currencies have shirked their tasks, and all will pay.

“As in the past, so the future on our planet, my friend, where life is tough and minds are seasoned to become the most useful in our universes. This is Ionah, may billowed sail see you home, my friend, although without hurry I hasten to add, yes, at the Creator’s appointed time, for life is forever.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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What is Saving Grace?

Michigan, US of A, September 23, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “What is Saving Grace?”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to talk about ‘Saving Grace.’ What exactly is Saving Grace? Is it a real process – something that can be understood? Is it attainable by anyone at any time? Are there some magical words that must be spoken? Must you join some religious group and follow some creed or perform some ritual to attain it? There has been much confusion on your world about this rite of passage to eternal life and it reveals itself in many forms, many ways, and is always the one thing that will ever be remembered for all eternity – the moment you realize that you are the child of the One True God.

“There will come a time in the life of all men and women on your world when Saving Grace becomes an opportunity for discovery. It presents itself as a choice and is something that must be willfully acknowledged as a crossroads from a state of unknowing to knowing with assurance that God is a reality and that you are the child of this Creator Father who patiently waits for you to awaken into the eternal now and receive the gift of life everlasting and become co-creators with God.

“Saving Grace is a doorway that is open to all and it requires no ceremony, no understanding of ecclesiastical law, religion, or creed, but it does require that you recognize the door and walk through it. Saving Grace is never accepted out of fear or by the recitation of a prayer led by others, but is something very personal – it is the moment of true contact with the Indwelling God that is only attainable by willful acknowledgment of this supernal connection with spiritual realities. It is the supreme decision to consecrate your will to be led by a higher power to become something greater that what you are today. This, my friends, is the dawning moment of perfection hunger – to seek the path that leads to the Source of all creation.

“Those that deny the sovereignty of God and His authority as the Creator of all things and beings, will be given more opportunities to see His hand at work, but after all opportunities and mercy offers have been willingly rejected, those souls, of their own volition, have made the choice to relinquish the offer for eternal life and they place themselves at the bar of the super-universe administrators for final adjudication – the cessation of identity. This is most unfortunate and sounds frightening to most, but this becomes a willful decision by the individual and not a punishment by the all loving God of creation – it is the final act of free will and it is respected above all things.

“Those that are unsure of God’s existence, but wish to continue life beyond this world are at least on the road to discovering the Divine Presence and open to the possibilities that they can become more than what the world of material logic says is possible. The unfortunate thing for some is that they search for much of their material lives looking everywhere but to the Source for this answer to the question about life itself, for it is God’s intention for you to know Him and begin the journey to perfection now in this life, preparing for the next, where you transition into greater understanding and experiences that transcend this physical life and reveal a grandeur of sublimity – an expanding universe of God’s divine glory that was put in place for the eternal adventures of His beloved children – to know Him, to become like Him, and to live forever.”

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


A Lesson on Privilege

Urantia, September 21, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Privilege.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, allow Me to voice My thoughts on privilege. Few humans as yet realize that although life is a gift to be enjoyed, it also is a privilege to give back to the Creator what is really His to begin with. The Creator generously bestows upon each creature a most valuable gift – that of life itself – and yet there are countless people who do not think twice about taking their own life or someone else’s life. With this deed they do not only deny themselves to live life to the fullest to become what the Creator intended them to be, but they also deny another person that right. No one has the right or the privilege to take what is not theirs.

The taking of a life is something that belongs in the ‘book of yesteryear’. It is time for humanity to come to grips with the concept of mine and thine, and fully understand the difference. It goes without saying that even the character trait of honesty is a privilege to be cultivated. We are speaking here of the greater values in life – honesty with the self and with all others. Each human being is valued beyond measure as a unique masterpiece. You cannot of yourselves take away anything God has given you without overstepping your boundaries by taking, or doing away with, that which is not rightfully yours to take or do away with. This is something which needs to be clearly understood. It is part of being sincere and honest.

“These matters will be further elucidated in the next (morontia) life. It will be a privilege for you to learn all the joys that are in store for you. But to gain access to these, it is required of you that you make gains in sincerity and more sincerity. Eventually there will not be a shadow of insincerity found in you, because you are then on the way to become more mature in your being-ness. This needs to also be understood. You will earn the privilege of becoming a fully-fledged spirit. This is the way and the truth of growing up, into that which is your privilege to become. For a long, long time, you will be a work in progress, always being on the look-out for where you can improve in character. It is a foregone conclusion in the mind of God, that once you start out to seek, and do His will, that you have started upon the road everlasting and in the mind of God, it is then already a fait accompli that you shall be perfect, never mind the intervening ages in between.

“The sooner you realize what a great gift in living life and what a great opportunity you have been given in this ascension plan to become perfect even as the Father on Paradise is perfect, the sooner you will accept each day as a gift and as the privilege to live to the best of your knowledge and capability. In time, as you sharpen your senses and notice how far you still have to go towards that perfection, do not become discouraged, for it will be the eternal hope, being kept alive in the human breast, which will keep you going. Remember also, you are never bereft of celestial assistance and heaven’s help in the form of the Spirit of Truth, which has been so generously and freely bestowed upon all normal thinking minds. Do take advantage of this great privilege and you will become forever grateful for having been born.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.