Chicago, US of A, July 7, 2012.
The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Everyone is Precious!”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Valdir: “My Spirit Within, please teach me about the topic you gave me, ‘Everyone is Precious.’

Spirit Within: “Yes, my child, you pondered the many lives that are coming into existence on this planet – many of them seemingly of no importance to others, due to their short lives, or their utterly impoverished status. That is not how we Adjusters see the lives we come to share with our human hosts. For us every life is precious, because they are the sons and daughters of the Father Creator. Although before coming to indwell a human being we do consider the potential for that child to become an ascender, we do not discard those who seem less favored by material conditions, because what counts in a human career is not how one starts it, but how one will finish it. Many times we see real potential, which simply will not show up in this existence, but in the mansion world lives to come.

“However, even if the background of a candidate is very promising, it is no guarantee that such an individual will choose the way of the Father. Ultimately, it is left exclusively to his or her exercise of free-will – in which not even we, the Adjusters, are allowed to interfere. Now, to specifically address your pondering about those that do not look promising – rather the contrary – you should know that high beings in the Father’s Universe crave for those assignments that are most difficult, most challenging to them. And that is the reason why even people that eventually will refuse to follow the ascension career are indeed chosen by experienced Adjusters, as to give them all opportunity to choose the will of God.

“Yes, my child, all lives are equally precious to their indwelling Adjusters, just as you are precious to me. You have wondered many times why among all your immediate siblings you were the only one to become God-knowing in the way you are. Rest assured that nothing was done without your willing cooperation. I certainly had my share of dealings and leadings to bring you to your present status of spiritual conscience, as it is my function to do this. Ultimately, your decisions were what brought you here. Besides, this is only the beginning. Much, much more is coming your way, both in this sphere and on your journey to Paradise. Just keep striving, my child, to continually do the will of the Father and I will take you to your most desired day, the day you will stand, with supreme joy in your heart, before the First Source and Center of All, your Paradise Father and Father of all!

“In the Father’s vast domains, there is no such person as an insignificant human being. All of you are His offspring; and so valuable are you that even we, pure fragments of Him, come to indwell you, hoping to become one with you. I love you, my child, you are precious to me – always remember!”

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