Alabama, US of A, December 17, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “An Exhortation from a Thought Adjuster – Part 2.”

Received by Oscar.

Adjuster: “Learn to depend only upon Me. Nothing in this world will provide lasting satisfaction. Only the expressions and relationships of love with your siblings have eternal value. Invest your time and your resources on things with eternal value. Your time in this world is limited and precious. Don’t waste it. When you put your trust in Me and make me your main source, you will always feel satisfied and the artificial needs of this world will not affect you anymore. Have you not already discovered that your real needs can be counted on the fingers of one hand? Are you lacking any of these today? No. Then, why worry?

“Struggle to grow. The fact that you are satisfied does not indicate that you have reached your potential. As you discover how little you really need, remember that there is always something to learn. Your destiny is to become like God, our Creator, the One who knows all. I’m sure you understand the long preparation it will entail to reach that level. Never stop advancing. Continue exploring ways to be better.

“There are some who, when feeling they have satisfied their material needs, also feel that there is nothing left to do. I ask you, if you have filled a room in your house to the top, will you waste time trying to put in more stuff? Would not it be better to find other rooms that are almost empty? The satisfaction of your material needs is just one room of your house, just one area of your life. If you have already filled that area to your heart’s content, explore other areas that have been neglected. Remember that your time here is limited. Maybe it is not the best approach to fill one room to the top before moving to the next room. Your time may come to an end and you will have spent your entire life in the same room.

“Be happy. Your happiness should not depend on how much money you have in your account, where you spend your vacations or how you entertain yourself. Your idea of happiness is folly. Happiness is not the peace of being alone nor the freedom to do whatever you want. Most of you see happiness as a picture, a scene. This is just an image. Happiness should not be a matter of a few instants stored in a mental photo album. True happiness is lasting, endless and without context. It is a sensation that comes from within, that surges spontaneously, fills you up and many times it surprises you.

“The first step to find such happiness is to forget your erroneous idea of happiness. Learn to live in the now. Enjoy being where you are, centering you attention in the present without mentally wandering and fantasizing about where you would like to be. Come to Me frequently and I will show you and make you feel true happiness. I Am the source from which you flow. By coming to Me you peek at your eternal destiny and the growing happiness of those who travel to Paradise.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.