Oregon, US of A, January 6, 2015.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Training leads to Mastery.”

Received by Anyas.

Teacher: “Dear one, life on this planet is not easy. We are well aware of the challenges that each one of you is faced with on a daily basis — inner and outer challenges. They are like many curve balls being thrown at you from your blind corner, teaching you to be on guard and to practice your ‘response-ability.’ You may experience many ‘hits and misses’ — more misses at first. This is what happens to any novice player in any game.

“Through the repetitive process of training, mastery is eventually achieved and what seemed at first to be so overwhelming and impossible, becomes easy and of second nature, even first nature. This is what you are striving for, dear one. This is what you are asking for and once you willingly enroll in the divine ‘boot camp,’ your drill sergeants will make sure you receive adequate training to become able to manifest your higher intentions.

“Your time on this planet, your birthplace, is limited. This is why the challenges are being stepped up — so you can get your degree in time, before you move on to other training worlds. Can you envision the joy you will feel when you victoriously move on? Your graduation ceremony may not happen on this world, but it will surely be held at your arrival on the Mansion Worlds where many will gather to greet you and say to you ‘well done!’

“Do not lose courage, dear child. Keep your eyes on the ball, so as to keep moving forward even when you would rather find a comfortable place into which to crawl. You would only hibernate there, without making any progress.

“Yes, at times, you do need some regenerative R&R. Find opportunities to do so. Find special moments within each day when you can collect joy like dew on a morning flower. This will lift your spirit and a lifted spirit is an energized spirit.

“We are with you at all times. Of that be certain.

“Our love goes out to you. Be of good cheer!”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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