Chicago, US of A, May 21, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Outlines of Truth”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Orion: “We are called Life Carriers. One would assume that being able to manipulate the very elements of which life is composed, would make us inherently and deeply knowledgeable about the mysteries of the Universes. Such an assumption would be right in the sense that we know things which Urantians in their present evolutionary state could never even guess at to exist. However, it would be a wrong assumption if you thought us to produce life. We are Life Carriers, not life-producers. We understand life’s constitution and we are able to manipulate, assemble, improve and even carry along its basic elements. However, we cannot by ourselves bring life itself to fruition. This is exclusive right of the Gods, through the Michael Sons. We are only instruments, their associates participating in their function of spreading life in their creations.

“One must be very humble when seeking Truth. The first danger to avoid is the natural inclination we creatures have to ‘fabricate’ truth, when faced with questions whose answers are beyond our capacity to understand. On our search for truth, we must first accept that any truth we may find is a provisional one or, at its best, an outline of Truth, never Truth itself, because Truth itself is the essence of God, and no creature may claim having access to such supernal knowledge. Capacities are enablement and at the same time limitations: one quarter can never contain a gallon. God is not in hiding and there is not a secret He fears to reveal to us; rather, He wants us know Him ever more personally. However, the finite will never comprehend the infinite – that is a fact.

“This humble attitude should also govern our relationship with others. When our Sovereign was on Urantia, He said: ‘Judge not lest you be judged.’ Judgment presumes possession of superior knowledge and ability compared to others. Truth is not only transcendental, dynamic and ultimate; at the creature level it is also communitarian, meaning, we all share its realities and benefits. Your personal truth is not isolated from other people's truths, rather, they are dependent on each other, and considering others as valuable as yourself is to reach a larger understanding of Truth itself. All the advancements we Life Carriers have build up in the life-patterns of Nebadon, are the product of constant research, not only by our local corps but those units from all over Orvonton. Cooperation and sharing is essential to progress. Love and truth must increasingly spread on your world so their ‘contagious’ power will purify all.

“All we do is outline Truth, discover its emerging new facets, whilst never being able to comprehend its essence or the entire extension of it. Such a dynamic state is part of the infinite nature of Truth and it keeps our interest and wonder fired up for the everlasting circles of eternity. I am a Life Carrier, your companion on this sphere from long, long ago. I look forward to frequently sharing with you these short but valuable lessons for this world, which we Life Carriers care so much about.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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