Michigan, US of A, April 26, 2015.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Benefactor of your Soul.”

Received by Chris Maurus.

Ophelius: “Today, my dear friends, we would like to speak about what would be for many of you the ‘next step’ in your spiritual development. We understand how challenging it is to live and make your way on this most difficult planet with all of your many distractions and relationships competing for your attention. Like any relationship, you must invest time, attention, love, and nurturing, to develop something ‘lasting’ and ‘real,’ for to give only superficial attention or to make a half-hearted effort to connect, the relationship will never be more than what you put into it. And so it is in your relationship with Spirit. If you desire to move into this next phase of spiritual awareness and understanding, you must cultivate the relationship to make it lasting and real.

“Time, for you, is of the essence, meaning that because you live such a relatively short life on this planet, and because it is so intense, much of your life is spent ‘doing’ rather than ‘being.’ Those things that are of ‘survival value’ — those that would survive death and go with you into eternity are the ‘lasting’ and ‘real’ relationships that you have invested in during your short life where you gleaned a little greater understanding of what love is. If you stop to think about the most important people in your life, you can rank them in order of the amount of quality time you have devoted to the relationship where both are near equally ‘vested.’

“Your God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster (TA), is 100% vested in your life and in your mind. Never will this Divine Partner leave you and always be available to you waiting for you to invest your time and attention in the relationship with Spirit. It is understandable that because you cannot physically see or audibly hear your ‘Higher-self’ that you have difficulty establishing a relationship, and this is the challenge of the age.

“Think about your TA like a secret benefactor — someone who is devoted to your care and development whom you have never met — someone who from childhood would send you help when you needed it; kept you safe by providing care through a third party; paid for your education in the best schools, and sent gifts and telegrams of congratulations on your accomplishments. Would you not be curious as to whom this person was who had so much interest in you and your quality of life in this world? Would you not do anything and everything to know who this beloved benefactor was and establish a connection and relationship with him or her? I’m quite sure it would be a burning desire in you and something you thought about every day of your life.

“Your TA is, in every way, your life-long benefactor, who loves and supports you on levels you cannot even begin to understand — who is planning for your future and is supremely interested in the quality of your life. Your TA really does send third-party help to you when you need it and provides you the finest education a soul could have if only you choose to accept the guidance. You are dearly loved, cherished, and valued above all else. You, my friend, have an ‘open-mic’ connection with your TA and you can communicate with Spirit at any time in conversation or in thought. Through meditation and with intention to connect, you can establish a real and lasting relationship with your TA or any spiritual being that you devote time and attention to. This is ‘being’ at the highest level — this divine relationship has a direct and measurable effect upon the growth of your soul and the development of a truly great personality and all it costs you is your time and attention. Why wouldn’t you want to know your secret benefactor?

“The next time you pick up your phone to make a call, pause for a moment and speak into the ‘open-mic’ and connect with your TA. Just say ‘hello’ and whatever is on your mind. Invest the time, my friends, with this priceless resource — the Benefactor of your soul.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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