Urantia, April 10, 2015.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Will-Self versus Self-Will.

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Good morning, child. Allow me to uplift your dark mood. You seem to have great difficulty in keeping yourself in a happy balance. May the truth be told once more that a calm, religious inner life is only obtained after much struggle and effort! Victory comes to those who persevere in the good fight against their lower tendencies — especially one of self-pity. There are many mortals who suffer intractable pain on different levels, which at times can be relentless and seems to carry on forever.

“At some point it is useful to remember that nothing lasts forever. These periods can be thought of as lessons in endurance and a way of strengthening one’s character. Lessons, when learned correctly, create a strong backbone and help you to be able to take things as they come. I know that you possess a ‘fighting’ spirit and that no matter what, you were always able to rise above every negative difficulty upon your path. Remember when you made lemonade when life‘s circumstances dealt you another lemon, so to speak? Although in hindsight you realized that no one did anything to you and that it was you who through thoughtlessness would land yourself in situations when you did not think about the consequences.

“Sad to say, this is the way practically all humans take in their lessons and learn from them — the hard way. It must be mentioned that most humans sooner or later do learn their lessons. It is therefore quite useful to look back and discover in hindsight how incredibly much light there was on your life’s path — where the negativity of life has been transmuted into light due to costly lessons learned, thereby evoking a great deal of thankfulness towards the Creator of all.

“The reason why the world is in a situation of pending chaos is that not many mortals are acting upon their Inner Guidance from on High. The solution is contained in one developing inner listening skills and allotting time each day for inner listening to obtain badly needed guidance, so the outer life can benefit in right action. There is much Spirit help available to every normal-minded person. You have your personal Gifts from the Creator as well as the mighty Spirit of Truth gifted by Jesus, which is still totally under-utilized. There is also the ever ready Comforter, from the Holy Spirit Mother. No one is bereft of these spiritual influences. Even the angels stand helplessly by, because you do not ask them, as you mortals have been given free will, which is sacrosanct and which no angels is allowed to interfere with unless specific orders are received.

“Start thinking about your higher will-self, rather than your puny self-will. There is a tremendous difference between the higher will and the lower thoughtless self-will. The higher will-self is connected to God’s will, which would make life so much easier if the will-self would connect up and be utilized with the Guidance of the Divine Spark from God within. Quit living as thoughtless animals following your selfish wills and start utilizing your higher will-self in concert with the will of God. This planet would benefit exponentially and progress towards her ultimate destination in Light and Life.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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