Urantia, April 17, 2015.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “What is Forgiveness?”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The subject of this morning is about forgiveness. It is important to take a closer look at forgiveness, for not many people on this particular planet think about or busy themselves with forgiveness as a routine habit. Allow me then to shine Heaven’s Light on forgiveness, as through understanding and practice people would become increasingly healthier. It simply does not help to ingest more chemicals to remedy one’s restlessness of mind as over time, this will move the cause deeper into the system and create worse maladies that will affect one’s mental and emotional systems.

“Remember that body, mind and spirit are a closed, unified system. They operate in tandem with each other and therefore what happens in one affects the whole system. The sorry state on this planet is that very few people are in total balance in all three systems for all of the time and one wonders: could this have something to do with forgiveness? The answer is that even small upsets like impatience towards someone is enough to bring on feelings of being ‘out of sorts.’ The danger is that few people note when they are out of sorts because there are so many things with which to occupy the mind.

“In fact, few people schedule the time or prioritize a time for prayer and meditation, which means that after prayer a period of silence is practiced to hear back from the Still Voice within, waiting for just such an opportunity to help guide the human. That is its function — to help still the mind for the benefit of the whole system. This can only be experienced when taking time out to have a ‘little talk’ with the God of your being.

“To delve deeper into today’s chosen subject: What is forgiveness? This entails mastery over poisonous thoughts, like resentment towards anyone or harboring thoughts of getting even with someone, being jealous, unforgiving, angry and much more. Even harsh words spoken in haste can evoke uncomfortable feelings or even habitual criticism. There are so many negative habits to overcome.

“However, it is important to point out that humankind must become ever more aware of how their reactions affect themselves and other humans — even the planet herself. This needs to be pointed out, so each mortal can take stock of his or her inner world, where the real seeds for inner growth are hidden. This is the meaning and purpose of life that you humans grow up according to your divine blueprint given to you at birth, and that you grow up to become stalwart humans worthy of being called children of God. This entails the practice of always being ready to forgive, so you can keep your slate clean and obtain and keep vigorous health throughout life.

“Forgiveness plays a huge role in life, coupled with your practicing the golden rule. These two practices would simplify life enormously as diplomacy with understanding would get a chance to function and remove many ills so peace would become a reality. Without forgiveness, love and tolerance, peace will remain elusive as peace is to begin with each individual.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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