Alabama, US of A, November 8, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Most Interesting Time.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There is a sign of the spiritual elevation of your world as one observes the great number of people who are awakening to a more personal spirituality. There is still so much confusion. Many are deceived in believing in religions of mysticism and fantasies oriented at magically solving all problems. However, the search for a personal way to find truth and to know God is conducted by many — by many more than at any other time in the history of Urantia.

“This is a most interesting time in your history. You are witness to the dawning of the age of Light and Life, and some of you have felt a strong impulse to participate in this. In eternity, you will be counted among the pioneers of the advancement of your world.

“This time is also a great moment for discoveries in spirit. Just as the twentieth century produced an unprecedented amount of scientific discoveries and achievements in your understanding of the universe and reality, this new era of spiritual enlightenment will bring along new and improved ideas about your Father, your origin and your destiny.

“This impulse towards progress is being orchestrated from on high. A vast number of Thought Adjusters with great experience have come forth to serve the human beings of your world and there are many more on the ‘waiting list.’ An unprecedented number of celestial teachers have volunteered to assist. Heaven is indeed pouring down to earth and the impulse of this spiritual conversion is evident. This is the will of Michael, always following very closely the will of the Creator Father of all.

“Thus, the fact that you have been born in this era is not a coincidence. If the Thought Adjusters can preview the entire life of a human creature before its birth, is it then not possible that the Father may have reserved some personalities to arise at the right moment? None of you is here by mere chance. You are precisely where your Father in His infinite wisdom deemed the right place for you to be.

“It is up to everyone of you to find your purpose and play your role — do the job — for which you have been prepared. Each one of you can do this by the discipline of stillness meditation and listening to what the Father may want you to realize, to then follow His divine Guidance to do His will. It is that simple.

“You will discover that nowhere else your soul will feel more satisfied or be more successful than by doing the task for which your Father has prepared you and so perform the function that God desires to perform through you. The purpose of your human life is to achieve spiritual growth, but the way in which this path is travelled is always an individual and personal journey — a shared enterprise between each person and his or her Divine Presence. Find your place in the world and give the best of your being. The results of the union of humanness and divinity shall reach beyond time and will produce the changes this world needs.”

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