Oregon, US of A, January 2, 2015.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “Progress Comes with Perseverance.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “Dear child, as you consciously embark upon your spiritual journey, you might at first feel overwhelmed by the task at hand and by the length of the journey ahead of you. What matters most is that you consciously live your daily stretch toward your final destination. As you look back on the years of practicing Stillness, you come to realize that you did progress, baby step-by-baby step. The same goes for the training and toning of your physical being.

“At first, you may feel drained and have a frequent need to catch your breath. You may be overcome by doubt in your ability to become the healthy being that you are striving to be. You do have a mental picture of your goal — a vision — a picture that you post on your refrigerator door to remind you of what is possible.

“As you long to develop your soul and get to know the Father’s love, do also express your vision — the vision of this beautiful connection — and imagine the feelings of joy, bliss and ecstasy you will one day be able to call your own. At times, as you persevere, you will get glimpses of them, a wonderful taste so that you can keep going, hoping for more.

“You do have to purge your being from all negative tendencies and emotions in order to commune more intimately with the Father’s Presence who does not contain any shadows, only light. You achieve this by raising your vibrations, more and more, climbing the ladder of higher emotions that lead you to the highest of them all: Uncorrupted Unconditional Love.

“The Father does not spoil His children with unearned rewards. He is pro-active in the education He provides. The best feelings come from having tried and persevered and seen positive outcomes. Keep trying and you will know whereof we speak.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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