Alabama, US of A, November 7, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Lessons of Eternal Value.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many of you in present times and in the past have had the most exotic and varied beliefs. It is inevitable for human beings to form an image of the spiritual world according to their culture, the knowledge of the time, and the way in which reality is perceived — the human experiences.

“However, do you think that the life of sun worshippers or the life of those who made idols from nature motives, was a waste? The relative success of a material life is determined based on the grade in which a mortal aligns his or her will to the guidance of the Father’s Presence within. The lessons learned by letting yourself be guided in an intelligent fashion by those internal impulses, thus becoming progressively better, have eternal value and will be useful beyond this life.

“Those primitive people who worshipped pretty much everything they found on their path are not judged on how true their beliefs were or how close to reality they got. They are judged on the way in which they lived their life, how they treated their neighbors and how they mastered the art of living a material life while being spiritual in origin. The lessons they learned will have nothing to do with their motivations, and a lot to do with the degree in which they achieved self-mastery and self-forgetfulness – forgetting the material self in order to express the higher self.

“Even the most advanced and progressive religious beliefs in this planet will always be partial since material life can only grasp a glimpse of the bigger spiritual realities. However, this is not a limitation on the spiritual progress human beings can achieve. Regardless of what you believe and how you explain your reality, you will always count with the orientation of the Divine Presence and the opportunity to decide with the help of the Father which path to take.

“This highlights the madness of pretending that everyone thinks the same way and believes the same things. This is not necessary to achieve the required spiritual growth to move your world forward and to inspire you to forget your differences and make this world a sphere of light. You will not find common ground if you insist on sacrificing your individuality to the fallacy of being equal. Instead, by searching within each one the light of the Father you will find the motivation to become unique expressions of truth, beauty and goodness, thus achieving a real divine harmony.”

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