Michigan, US of A, April 5, 2015.
Teacher: Christ Michael.
Subject: “Through the Eyes of Love.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Christ Michael: “Good morning my children, this is Christ Michael.

“Through the eyes of love can all things be seen as anew and all hearts healed. It is my desire for you, my child, to see the world through these eyes — my eyes, and know that peace can be a reality for you, for the Father and I are One, and we feel your pain, your disappointments, and broken hearts. Come to me and into my open arms — I will heal your heart and show you the love that I see through a Father’s eyes. I love you with a Father’s love — a higher love — a love that is deeper than any ocean, and a love that forgives all and holds no record of your weaknesses.

“Climb up into my lap and speak to me of the greatest moments of your life — remember now, and let us celebrate your victories together. As you fill yourself with the joy of this remembrance, think also about those loved ones who shared in your joy and feel again the love of that moment. It is in remembrance of love that we can see again through the eyes of love. Think now about all the people of the earth — those you have never met — those on opposite sides of this world who also share in these same remembrances of love moments, for they are not unlike you. All have hearts that feel and all desire to experience love again, for love is the condition for which the soul expands and lives for the morrow.

“There are two emotions that bring tears to the eyes — joy and pain. In my embrace, child — in this state of love — the Father’s love—the love and peace that surpasses all understanding, show me now the pain of your suffering. Let it all out — all your disappointments, your failures, your fears, your injuries, and give to me your broken heart. Weep away, my child, and empty yourself of all your pain — watch it roll down your cheeks and splash onto the floor. Now, look into my face — into my eyes, what do you see? In my eyes you see eternity — you see divine love, forgiveness, mercy, healing, joy, hope, and victory over death. Live, my child! See through the eyes of love and live with all your heart!

“All will be healed — all will be made right in time and eternity, and you will all see the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Father’s Great Plan as you move from this world to the next, but I ask you, my children: Can you see through the eyes of love in this world and bring that truth, beauty, and goodness of the Father’s love through you? Why suffer through this world in hope of greater things in the next when it can be so now in this world — if only you would see through the eyes of love?

“I ask you, my child, if only for today, to see through the eyes of love and experience a moment of love with someone where you look beyond their imperfections and let your love flow from the heart without expectations or a return — just open up the valve of your heart and let pour out. Feel what it is like in this glorious moment and then secure the memory of this moment in your soul. This is the well from which you will draw in those moments when you see no light in this world. Know that when you look back and see again through the eyes of love, that you are the light of the world that fills in the dark places. You are the children of Light and through the eyes of love can you truly become god-like and ascend the heavens. Call on me and I will help you see through my eyes — the eyes of love.

“My peace I leave upon you…”

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