Alabama, US of A, November 1, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Finding God in Others – Part 2”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There is no greater delight in human life than to discover your siblings and finding God in their hearts, as you find Him in your heart. In order to truly get to know God, you first need to know your siblings because each one represents an individual face of the Father — an aspect of His divinity and an original idea from His divine mind. The more you know your siblings and the more you learn to love them with an authentic and unconditional love, the closer you will come to the true essence of divinity.

“The better you know your brothers and sisters in this world and the more you love them, the more things you will come to understand about your own personality, because personality is only manifested in relationship to other personalities. Even in eternity when you will have bodies that are entirely different to those you posses today and when your mind will have advanced so much that your present beliefs and ideas will be just a drop of water in an infinite ocean, the way in which you will relate to other beings will always be unique and the unmistakable mark of your individuality. In loving your siblings you will know yourself better, and you will also know the One who is the source of your life so much better.

“This is a reality that cannot be denied. You need each other so much that a life in solitude is terribly damaging to the personality. Consider the experiences of some among you who have grown up without human contact due to accidents or the cruelty of others. The lack of human contact during the early years causes great damage to the personality and very often a long time is required — a time longer than a single human lifespan — to help that personality recover and continue his or her path towards perfection. The lack of human contact late in life is also very damaging, but not to the same degree as the lack of human contact during the beginning of life. However, you have many examples of people who have almost lost their sanity due to isolation. This is why your tendency of punishing criminals with isolation is just an exercise in cruelty, because neither the victims nor the victimizers derive any benefit from it. Instead you are adding one more victim to the list of fatalities.

“The fact is that God is always inside each one of you and the more you bring your individual Sparks of divinity together, your understanding of God will be greater and this eternal Source of energy will become more accessible to you. If everyone on this planet would come together in this way, your capacity to perform miracles would be exponentially increased. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the problems in this world would be over in one instant. Can you see that if all of you work in harmony, making an effort to be the best you can aspire to be, great things would happen in your world? If everyone would dedicate their life to truly loving their siblings, what would happen to war, hunger, mistrust, fear?

“How many centuries will you spend on the threshold of the Kingdom before deciding to enter?”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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