I Wonder Why I Told You That.
From the desk of George Barnard – March 3, 2009.

Back in the early 1970’s when I was still running my company, the Midwayers decided that I had done enough hands-on healing with animals, and the occasional human patient. It was time for me to do some distance healing, and they set about educating me. Many healings would follow this one.

Young Mark Brady was a close friend of my family and workers. He was also a sales representative for a company we did much business with. Mark would call on my firm, make a bee-line for the coffee machine, and return to my workroom with steaming cups for both of us, before taking his orders. Between visits, I telephoned him at his office to order what we needed from his firm.

On one occasion after placing my telephone orders, Mark said, ‘My grandmother, who is sixty-eight, and who lives in Croydon, has a huge cancer in her stomach. Her name is Agnes, and she’s very sick, George.’ There was a lengthy silence, and then he said, ‘Gosh! I wonder why I told you all that!’ My equally strange response to him was, ‘Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.’

Wrong! It didn’t happen all the time! It had never yet happened!

Somehow that answer was good enough for Mark. I took that happening to be an instruction, and during that evening’s meditation I found myself in Croydon, some 30 miles away, and in the company of Dr. Mendoza. We were standing next to Mrs. Brady’s bed. There was a growth in her belly the size of a small football. I looked at the doctor, but he wasn’t going to do anything, it seemed.

So I reached into her belly, and I pulled out that growth. I threw it clear out of her room. In the next moment, time had changed. Time had ‘rolled forward’ by three whole days, and Agnes Brady was sitting up in bed, munching away at her dinner.

A week later, a call from Mark confirmed that ‘a miracle had happened,’ and Mrs. Brady’s cancer had disappeared completely. Mark said, ‘I kind of feel obliged to tell you this. I don’t know why.’

I told him, ‘It’s good, Mark. That’s fine. It happens all the time.’ Well, from that time on at least it did keep happening.

Important note:

There is nothing strange or special about the healing of Agnes Brady so long ago. Just about anyone alive and believing is capable of performing this ‘minor miracle.’ Whatever you will change in the ‘Astral World’ will sooner or later be reflected into this world.

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