Illawarra District, Australia, February 4, 2015.
Secondary Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “We Are Many”

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza: “The Australian 11:11 Emergency Platoon dates back to January of 1972, but I joined as an occasional co-worker some many months later when this receiver first treated a patient of mine. Soon we were advising him on treatments for his patients. Later we steered patients his way for us as a team treat some difficult cases. By late 1974 we became confident enough to take this receiver with us to do healings far away.

“Ever since rather a great wave of Latin Americans arrived in Australia to stay — think of the years of Augusto Pinochet — I spent much time in Australia. Not all those who arrived here fitted into the population all that well and so I traveled the hospital corridors and sick rooms to talk to patients in whatever Spanish accent of their district. To be sure, no, my station is not in Australia, but I visit here frequently. My regular continent is South America, and parts of Brazil, too, are included in my rounds.

“The reason why you know me as Dr. Mendoza as well as MNO-8 is because for many years this receiver saw all of us as being in a part-time business together — more of a hobby, if you will, because it was never meant to pay for itself. However, we supposedly were part of his volunteer business of a kind, in his clinic and all co-workers had to have names to be real. Until, perhaps by chance, he found the Urantia Book, he thought us to be former humans.

“Perhaps it was hardly by chance that he found the UB, but for our part his documentation had to be unique. We became his ‘Spirit Guardians.’ Today many people all over the world request healing sessions from Dr. Mendoza. I say, we do what we can, for we are many, equally skilled surgeons, but we remain anonymous. It is not yet time for all of you to know all of us, but yes, ask for Dr. Mendoza and someone will come if it is meant to be. Many alien Midwayers assisting us now are great and wise healers, learning from us and also teaching us anew.

“We in our realm wish to project a future time when we can more closely work together; a time when some of your more barbaric healing methods will be scrapped all over our planet; a time when you will take much of the poisons out of your diets. The alien Midwayers are doing what might well be called a renewed apprenticeship perhaps typical of rebellious worlds, yes, where they depressingly help more to die than to live.

For now this is Dr. Mendoza, assuring you of my love for you all, but waiting around to listen for the one who will speak next. I can certainly do with the motivation the speaker will bring us all. Adieu.”

George: “A marathon for me.”

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