Alabama, US of A, October 11, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Conflict”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The main cause of human conflict is the inability to forgive. There will always be situations that will offend others. There will always be differences of opinion between that which is acceptable to one group and offensive to another. However, you frequently choose to turn a misunderstanding into a tragedy, allowing your anger and your pride to determine the way in which you solve problems. No problem is ever resolved at the cost of human lives. Instead, this is choosing the worst possible path by destroying what is most valuable and beautiful in the eyes of the Father — life.

“Not all conflicts end up in wars, but most wars arise from conflicts that are truly trivial and irrelevant. The reasons are usually the same: One group wants a resource and doesn’t want to share it with another group. One group’s ideology may be forced upon another group for them to begin to reason in the same way. From there many variations occur in which the oppressed struggle to escape from the oppressors and the oppressors struggle to retain their advantages over the oppressed. Both the oppressed and the oppressors believe they have valid and logical reasons that justify the conflict. Hence, what started as a simple misunderstanding due to the natural differences among human beings is by you turned into something that causes a lot of suffering and destroys many lives.

“Let us make this clear, once and for all: There never is a valid reason for any conflict in this world; there are only justifications. None of the problems on your world justify war or the death of human beings. Let this be the rule by which you measure all your efforts in international diplomacy, policy and decision making. The use of force should always be the last resort after all other avenues and alternatives have failed. No government in this world is so advanced that it would not be improved by a healthy dose of self examination and criticism. No nation is superior to another, except for the artificial advantages provided by unjust distribution of resources. No way of life is better than another if it has to be defended with intolerance and by the promotion of lies, fear, and mistrust toward those considered to be different. When your governments start promoting a way of life that is conducive to spiritual progress and the moral elevation of the people — considering men and women to be equal as our Father does — that system will indeed be superior to anything else that has ever been attempted on this world, but this system is not yet anywhere in place.

“Is there a better way to resolve conflicts? First think of all your siblings with respect and rate them as important as you see yourself — a member of your universal family with the same rights and the same divine destiny as yourself. When the inhabitants of this world truly realize that they are equal and discover that each and every person contains a Divine Spark of God within their being, the value of human life will return to its rightful place of importance and every decision — individual and collective — will be illuminated by this truth.”

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