Felix’s Broken Wing
From the Desk of George Barnard – January 24, 2015

It seems it has been “forever” that we have been telling thousands and thousands of recipients of the 11:11 time-prompt that the 1,111 Loyal Secondary Midwayers are here to work with us. They are Teachers and Messengers, yes, Healers also! Mostly when we become ill, we actually forget to ask them for help — our bad, because they will even heal our animals. Currawong “Felix” was one of their patients.

For about two years we have regularly been feeding a magpie pair, one of which will sit on our knees and consume her tasty sausage morsels. Her companion is not quite so brave, but improving, slowly, week after week. And of course they now have names. She is called Precious and he is Laddy and they respond to the sound of their names.

“About three weeks ago a pitch-black bird with bright yellow eyes came to observe and she managed to also score a tidbit of sausage. This one is called a Currawong. The next day she came again, but this time she called and called. Finally a young Currawong came running and flapping down the driveway. He was so terribly hungry as to be unafraid. We call him Felix. And this is his story:

Felix is about three months old and he looked like he had been shot. His right wing was broken and six or more pin feathers were missing. For him to run around the lawn or the driveway was dangerous, even with his mother still caring for him, likely well beyond the time he should be on his own. She would check on the magpies being fed and loudly call him, so he too would run to get his share.

However, he was at risk from hawks and eagles being stuck on the ground, and birds need to fly. We could not catch this avian runner, and even then, how would we fix his wing? We asked Dr. Mendoza, and next up Felix went missing for two whole days. His wing is no longer broken, some feathers are re-appearing. And he can fly! It’s still nothing to write home about, but he’s improving by the day.

It seems we need to be desperate before we remember we can ask for help from the 1,111 Loyal Secondary Midwayers who have been here for more than 30.000 years to stand by us, even help our adopted pets. With their help we are all potential healers of others and of ourselves.

Felix the Currawong was simply taken from our dimensions and pulled into the ever-peaceful Midway Realm for two whole days. Feathers are growing back and I can see the bones in his right wing are held together with some kind of liberally applied, rock-hard semi-transparent gray-ish glue.

We’re stoked. Thank you Dr. Mendoza.

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