Urantia, November 26, 2014.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson
Subject: “Pray for the Planet.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Another day begins and you, the mortals of this planet, start rushing to and fro, not really grasping the seriousness of the situation on this beautiful earth you call home and on which you all were born. Truly now, does anyone ever stop to think that this precious orb might also have needs and wants whilst you are rushing about to fulfill your own?

“This precious orb is also serving God, albeit she is of a different order. She also has her name and number on the registry of Paradise, just like you have. Her great sorrow is known to almighty God and all the weals and woes she suffers at the hands of the creatures that live upon her. Where so many yet are languishing in poverty still because of the warped thinking of a few who have conceived the insane idea that the planet belongs to them and so they continue to rape and pillage an innocent being, whose wealth belongs to each creature on the planet. If this gross abuse continues and no efforts are made to make the necessary corrections, the dark days will soon be upon you.

“The almighty God has decided that His will shall be done even though it will take much time to turn things around on this planet so the new day can indeed arrive to the glory of the Creator, who holds all affairs in His hands. The iniquitous ones will need to give account for all the abuse they have perpetrated in the name of the false god of greed named Mammon. The time of reckoning is coming for everyone who has ever seen the light of day on this planet and everyone will receive their due in eternity.

“This choice is always yours as you lowly mortals have been blessed with a precious free will that no one is allowed to meddle with. So this area also needs to be accounted for. Don’t think that God will be mocked forever. Justice may be slow, but it is merciful and incredibly just. Eternity is waiting for all of you and as long you breathe the air on this planet, which is also slowly being poisoned by human hands, there is still time to mend your ways, albeit the majority is coming dangerously close to being annihilated at the hands of a few.

“Therefore, as a high celestial being, hailing from the seventh super-universe of which your universe is a small part and your tiny planet is located on the outskirts of the present organized space, don’t kid yourselves that everything is per status quo. Evolutionary creation proceeds at a pace you simple ones are not able to comprehend just yet. There is still time to pray for the planet that needs the human species living on her to mend its ways and start using its God-given mind for what it was intended.

“Start thinking for yourselves and don’t be influenced by all the negative news and propaganda. Instead start listening to your Gifts from God within. Start meditating and praying for the good of the planet, so you become part of the solution instead of unwittingly adding to the problem.”

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