Urantia, October 13, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Eminently Suited to Each Other.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, this will be a testimony to how much a mortal and her, or his, Spark from God can get so intimate with each other that a feeling of ‘belongingness’ is beginning to saturate the human host. This, my dear one, is something that is mandated on Paradise. However, much depends on the willingness of the indwelled one as to how much conscious time is spent in the company of the indwelling Gift from God. Let us be true about it; there needs to be a certain hunger on the part of the mortal in wanting to get to really know this mysterious entity.

“It is like a new-found friend one would resonate with if one would get to know that new friend better, as there would need to be a mutual attraction. These Gifts from God are never randomly dispensed from heaven. It very much depends on the genetic make-up of the potential host, whose previous generations might already have been researched and considered. Therefore, the Thought Adjuster can early prepare the divine blueprint, which It will bring along, as soon as the child attains the moment of moral decision-making. The Thought Adjuster then quite unceremoniously enters the child.

“At that time will start a new life for that young child. He or she has at that moment become a bonafide personality in the annals of heaven, to be watched with great interest on how he or she will behave and present throughout life. The parents, if they are observant enough, might well notice an improvement in behavior as the child becomes somewhat easier to get along with due to the subtle influence of the newly arrived Thought Adjuster.

“From this recital you may come to the conclusion that the arrival of a Thought Adjuster in a child is never random. In other words, they will be eminently suited to each other. This is the mystery of this momentous happening and gives value to the saying that all children are loved by God, and therefore full of promise to at sometime in the future become perfect like God. This is the significance of the pronouncement made before time-space existed, as God said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’ Of course, this includes women, because men and women are created to be complemental to each other and become co-creators with God.

“This sounds like a very simple statement, but it is obvious to all celestials that in general the males still have very little regard for their mates, who often bear the greatest burdens in child-raising. To affect a greater stability and peace on this planet, there is a dire need for the males here to begin to right this abominable inequality towards the females for a sense of rightness to prevail. Consider these Sparks from God within; the Guides and Helpers, who so patiently labor in the background of your minds, for you to realize that they, too, are eminently suited to you all, to be your forever companions on the road to perfection.”

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