Alabama, US of A, August 15, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The River.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The river normally follows the course that is the most effortless in reaching the sea. The rivers’ courses are sculpted in rock for millions of years for the simple reason that the river always runs through the same path because it is the most efficient route to get to the sea. Imagine the sea to represent perfection; the very goal of evolution and the river to embody evolution itself. If you — a small fish in that big river — wanting to, as does the river, reach the same goal — the perfect sea — the best course of action would be to let yourself be carried by the current.

“The current represents the will of God. However, even when you let yourself be carried by the current you can always make adjustments and select some river bends to explore. You can move slower and appreciate every rock on your path and get to know every other fish that may come close to you. Or you may throw yourself completely into the adventure of reaching the goal. The way in which you reach the sea is irrelevant — the only important thing is that you reach it.

“Also, you are free to swim against the current, if you want to, and like a salmon you could try to get to the top of the mountain. This will be a great effort, since swimming against the current is difficult, and once you reach any place that is not the sea you will realize it wasn’t worth it. Then you will have to decide if you will start the journey again or quit. You can choose to leave the river, and as it happens to all fishes out of the water, you will die. This doesn’t mean that the river is punishing you. It will just be the result of your decision in trying to live, whilst depriving yourself of the source of your life.

“As you can see in this analogy all efforts that take advantage of the current enjoy a great momentum, leading you to the sea with remarkable ease. All co-creative contributions in harmony with the will of God will always have much help, always enjoy success and contribute to bring you closer to the final goal — perfection. All co-creative efforts are also gifts to the universe and for all, because these are expressions of God, expressions of love, truth, beauty and goodness. Therefore they are helping all by providing additional impulses to reach the goal of the ages.”

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