Chicago, USA, October 1, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Learning to Deal with Violence.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Violence is one of the most common problems on your world. Violence is the intentional or careless use of force or power causing harm to an individual, a group or nations. Using force and power without provocation or without causing harm to others is possible, useful and highly preferable. The use of force is indeed a means of survival in the evolutionary process. In nature it is blindly instinctive; but in humans, it is purposeful. Primitive man used force to survive, and so does modern man, to provide food, for defense, law enforcement and penalizing evildoing. How should you deal with violence nowadays?

Learn to deplore violence. Dealing with violence, in your day and age, demands that you take a radical stance against it. It is safe to be radical against violence, because in deploring it, you also commit yourself to never resort to violence – not even to combat violence itself. On Urantia it is almost impossible to find someone who has not in some way been a victim of violence. However, it is not necessary to have had a traumatic experience with violence to know it is wrong. Deplore it, if possible, exclusively on the basis of principle. By merely deploring violence from a principle viewpoint you will never justify the slogan violence begets violence.

Learn to Defuse Violence. Dealing with violence requires wisdom and creativity. Not even your noble examples of passive resistance are wholly recommended because this ultimately uses the counterpart of violence to reach the wanted objectives. When facing possible personal violence, flee from it as quickly as you can. When seized by violent means, do not return violence. The best way to combat violence is by disarming it through reasoning, dialog and by appealing to justice. Remember that within any normal human being you have a Partner – the Spirit of God – to convince the perpetrator against using violence on you. To suffer unprovoked violence is preferable to practicing it.

Learn to Denounce Violence. However, in doing so, be aware you are confronting a dangerous, maladjusted and evil person or system. Denouncing violence might make it stop, even create an awareness of its evil nature and harmful means, but it might also produce more violence against you and those near you. Denouncing it is necessary, but it should be done wisely, to avoid more violence. Denounce violence for humane reasons, not for political or personal gain. As well, be careful with your emotions. One’s bravado could require a price to be paid that was not expected and is not happily paid for.

“Thus, my pupil, on this matter remember that God never originates violence. Violence is harmful, inhumane, unjust and must be deplored. Loving your neighbor will help you learn how to defuse violence instead of propagating it. Be wise when opposing violence so as to not become another victim of it. Denounce it from the safest standpoint you know, for dealing with violence can be tricky. That is why you really need the guidance of your Spirit Within. This lesson is from your tutor on High, Prolotheos. Peace to all!”

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