Illawarra District, Australia, May 3, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Secondary Midwayer Dorothy.

Subject: “Un-sung Heroes and Samuel’s Prayer.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “On this peaceful morning I wish to speak about the Urantia Planetary Workers, the long-term helpers of mankind, and specifically the Midwayers – Primary and Secondary. First off, however, I will clarify my earlier mention (not here recorded) of who can speak with you directly and who can not.

“Of course, the Creator Son and Daughter can communicate with you directly, as can Urantia, even so she still is an evolving Goddess. There are others high up in the ‘chain of command’. Midwayers, however are the communicators, our liaison, if you will, and they outshine almost all others in their command of countless languages and dialects. Only recently have a great number of Primary Midwayers applied for, and succeeded in being granted, a new mind endowment, allowing them to communicate with you and with ease.

“Many of your un-sung Midwayer heroes are on loan, so to speak, to the northern hemisphere where many difficulties have befallen men, women and children of the Middle East, the Levant, Eastern Europe and even Venezuela. There is unrest and people are losing their lives in large numbers. Your friends and mine, so helpful to us both in our communications, are there in great numbers, with most of the 11:11 Progress crew in Ukraine, where it may possibly come to blows.

“Spend some time in meditation with me now…” (There was no meditation to be had.) There was an interruption lasting many hours, and finally Secondary Midwayer Dorothy turned up.

Dorothy: “This is Secondary Midwayer, Dorothy, but you know me best as Dos. I am one of the family of Midwayer Mathew, our Chief, and I have for you, word for word, the remainder of Samuel’s lesson, who cannot be here right now. From me, you will receive word for word what Samuel had to say. What you do with it, inevitably comes out just a little different, which is the case with most receivers. Samuel suggests that you may regularly say a prayer regarding the danger to world peace in Eastern Europe.

Samuel’s Prayer: “Dear Creator Father, Father of all that exists, we plead with you to make allowances for this earth in its present difficult circumstances. We plead that all available melchizedeks, angels and midwayers, and all those who are part of nurturing human progress and protect us, be allowed to do much more than what is usually permitted, to keep us safe, to help us make the right decisions, to bring the turmoil in Eastern Europe to a peaceful end. This is our request to You, Creator Father. This is what we ask of You. Amen.”

Dorothy: “I came here to give you that remainder of Samuel’s message because he cannot be here at this unusual hour, and when nobody knows in advance just when you will take the opportunity to listen to what he has to say. Samuel is not always able to connect. So a Midwayer, like myself, can take his message word for word – always word for word – because we have such brilliant memories. Shortly, I will return to where I have been at work for the last few days, but you need not report on the precise location.

“I thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring you the rest of Samuel’s message. And I say good bye and au revoir right now. This is Midwayer Dorothy.”

George: “Thank you Dorothy. We love you.”

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