Illawarra District, Australia, January 4, 2003.
Midwayer Chief, Gorman.
Subject: “A Numbers Game”.

Received by George Barnard.

Gorman: “It’s Gorman here. I’m pleased to be temporarily liberated from my tasks, glad to have been given the clearance, and overjoyed to visit you in this out-of-the-way nook of your splendid continent.”

George: “Welcome our dear Brother. Free as a bird, and minus the obligatory handcuffs, I might guess.”

Gorman: “Without any cuffs whatever, you may be certain. It’s good to be able to take the opportunity to drop in and see our brother Mathew, and to take a moment of my freedom to see how you folks are faring. It’s been a long time since we spoke. For me it is greatly rewarding to speak clearly and openly and face one of a growing number that recognize our existence as an authentic and ancient planetary civilization on a parallel with your own, although we are somewhat further advanced, I assure you, my friend.

“It is good, and rewarding, and heartening for us to deal directly – face-to-face with some of these individuals, and it is so much more exciting to have that personal contact with some of you who understand our ways, methods, idiosyncratic behaviors and emotions. And it is even better when you will designate specific times of the day to receive our prompts that allows us to come through at more convenient moments for us workers.

“Long ago we began weaning many of you off the ‘trademark’ 11:11 signals onto ‘a diet’ representative of our code/names, and this gives us a greater variety of time-frames in which to turn up to communicate (mostly subliminally) in this numbers game, when in earlier years we were largely restricted to going into action at the 11:11 time-frames, both AM and PM, and of course around the globe – our work environment split up into two lots of twelve slices, and so we would swarm around the globe like postmen and ‘postwomen’ in two great bands.

“As we are becoming better known, we will be able to more often use our personal codes for those with whom we have individual contact, be they Shinto, Zen, Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, or just plain spiritual, loving, caring, brave and cooperative, and forward-looking.

“Here it is reported that you have more on your plate than you can chew, and it is my suggestion that you begin to allocate certain timeframes in which to complete certain tasks, and mix the work with play. We are looking forward to your enjoying an extended presence in these realms and with us in Michael’s service.

“This is Midwayer Gorman signing off. We greet you, brother, and send our love to you and yours.”

Notes: The time-prompts serve distinct functions. For us to momentarily wonder about us perceiving an 11:11, 12:12 or 2:22, etc. time prompt has the effect of our ‘opening our minds’ as we may ask ourselves what these prompts could possibly mean. For the Midwayers this is an opportune moment during which to input information into a questioning, blindly searching, but open mind.

From their viewpoint it is mere courtesy to let us know that they have ‘uploaded’ as yet unrealized data into our super-conscious minds – an ethical requirement on their parts, unless there are unusual, auspicious, or greatly urgent circumstances.

It is quite beside the point whether they pass on information before, during, or after the time prompts. All three sequences may well apply, since the Midwayers do not perceive our concept of ‘linear time’ as particularly relevant.

Greatly complex, and complete concepts can be imparted in just fractions of a second, to later surface as extensively detailed intuition. Thus, channeling is like we are spelling it all out, instead of us accepting an entire file that is swiftly handed across.

We still don’t know for certain if Companions and Cherubim are regularly time prompting on behalf of the Midwayers. It’s likely. They sometimes do. And after all, we also confer with the highest, as well as the lowest of Celestials.

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