Alabama, US of A, March 15, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Every Moment is the Right Moment to Express His Love.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You can achieve much when your heart holds the desire to serve your Father and your neighbors. Renown is not necessary, and frequently a need to be recognized becomes an obstacle to the full expression of good. There are some who do nothing unless they are sure someone else will know about it, or unless they believe someone may discover their indolence. Those who decide to act as if they were always in the presence of the Father know that every moment is the right moment to express His love.

“The technique of Jesus was to always do His Father’s work without attributing a lot of importance to himself. Thus, He was able to be a transparent and effective tool. He also managed to avoid any external form of persuasion that an authority figure could have over his or her peers. He never took advantage of His knowledge, His intelligence or His reputation, to coerce His brothers and sisters to enter into the Kingdom. He did it all with utmost simplicity, by directly appealing to the hearts and souls of men and women.

“He illustrated true humility, not the humiliation of self, but rather a higher form of self-love, and he was willing to believe that he could become like his Father. Whilst many humans believe they are unworthy and therefore unwilling to try to improve, Jesus acknowledged His personal limitations and His duty to His Father.

“Just as human parents discover that their duty toward their children becomes light by the grace of love, Jesus illustrated how the duty of the children of God can become light by their participating in the love of the Father.

“Let love be your only motivation, since it is the only thing that will provide you with results and benefits in eternity. The material rewards can be a ‘side effect’ of exercising goodness, but they are not necessary nor should they be a requisite. The acknowledgment by, and rewards from, your peers may be the natural reaction of those who are benefiting by your love, but this should not be your motivation in being the best you can be.

“All the inspiration and motivation needed to grow and advance spiritually is already inside you. Once you have felt the call to serve your peers – one of the fruits of spiritual growth – focus on that task without either hesitation or expectations. Let the Father take care of the outcomes and do what He has inspired you to do, because this is the path He has prepared for you, and that path will take you to perfection and to your eternal goal.”

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