Illawarra District, February 17, 2003.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “In Our Master’s Name.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “Father, if this is your will, the least of Your animal troops is here to receive.”

Bzutu: “The least of His midwayer children is here with you, my… animal brother, unseen, unnoticed, elusive, and yet very much in touch. We are a conspiracy, you and I, for we conspire to advance our puny share of universal policy of tempered, temporal progress. Let’s be as bright as freshly polished buttons on a military uniform, and stay with it.

“We have got ‘our money’s worth’ out of you during your lengthy training in isolation, yet you will do more and be more, as I will do more and be more with each success, and every failure that eventuates as a result of positive but perhaps hasty intent. We’re midwayers. We’ve been known to be pushy.

“We are a conspiracy for good amongst many conspiracies for evil in the present climate, and I beg of you to rethink your stubborn refusal to acknowledge a world at flashpoint, and for you to add your voice to the voices of your celestial teachers – yes, the lovers of our cause and yours – and to the voices of so many on this planet so prompted to speak out and say, “There must be wars no more.”

“This is not your clinic, my dear brother, where custom and cautiously practiced protocol demand that neither politics nor religion be discussed. This is a nurturing, temporary environment for the least intelligent, lowest, and now threatened of His preschoolers, and where awesome weapons, still, lay buried in the sandboxes, and will be dug up at the sign of the first false move.

“Be naive no more, for this is an environment within which, a time-frame within which, circumstances in which to speak out about proposed control of such abundance by so few.

“In the dead of night, night after night, our esteemed visitors – student/teachers arrive in massive formations to ‘crowd the Urantia shop floor’, and to look at us with faces that seem to beg the question, ‘Have you gone so far off the rails as to allow so few to dispossess the masses that hold democracy high.’

“‘How could a living organism so fervently long for, so eagerly desire its own demise?’ and ‘How little love for self is here projected onto another?’ we are asked.

“Be quiet no more, but speak your mind, together with the millions of protestors around the world that are not deceived, and that subconsciously heed the roll call of this, the Correcting Time.

“I convey to you the loving words of Beatrice, “Be of good cheer, my love, as you hold fast to the double-edged sword of our words, in our Master’s name, for our Master’s sake.”

“I, Bzutu, wish my brother Adieu.”

Notes: The “esteemed visitors – student/teachers arriving in massive formations” each have just a single mortal student to ‘convince that there must be no more war’.

According to Midwayer Chief, Bzutu, many of our treasured western democracies are dead but for the dying – not a pretty picture of vested interests’ over-control, coercion, and misinformation on a giant scale.

Beatrice (ABC-3) is a dear friend. She was Dante Alighieri’s “Spirit Guide”.

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