Urantia, January 30, 2011.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: Windows of Opportunity.

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “Because you are in a meditative state, a window of opportunity has opened up, not only for you, but also for us, your Celestial Teachers. We may perchance impart a few words of hope, so whoever will read these words may find solace, or perhaps acquire some nugget of wisdom.

“Useful nuggets of wisdom hide themselves everywhere. It is like a discovery tour when words are not only read with the material brain, but also reach the feeling heart, where they can lodge and perhaps provide an ‘ah-hah’ moment because of the insight they may evoke.

“Even in everyday life, wisdom is sometimes garnered in the most unlikely of circumstances, and these then become the windows of opportunity for soul growth. Even-though most times soul growth proceeds at a snail’s pace, these wonderful little moments can provide the growing spurts the soul needs from time to time.

“Soul growth is in the services provided to your brothers and sisters, who are not necessarily your immediate kin. However, all people are children of God, sharing with you their root Source of life in this time-space reality.

“Time-space is the playground of the Gods, in which they create myriad windows of opportunity they desire to share with the creatures of their making. You have been told that there are created beings, who purely serve to do the bidding of the Gods. And you have been told that you belong to the evolving order of creatures, which have been given the most precious gift of all -- freewill choice.

“With this choice you are allowed (within definite limits) to create your life’s experiences due to the different windows of opportunity provided to you. It is in becoming more aware that you can make better choices as to how to conduct yourself throughout life.

“Each new day presents its windows of opportunity and the question asked is; how shall you use this day? Will it be lived selfishly or selflessly? You will daily have the opportunity to become a blessing to others, and at the same time bring in more light to the planet, which strengthens your soul with added growth. Each moment brings with it new opportunities, as each moment is all you have, all that is in ‘the now’, so it is up to you to make these moments count.

“You see, this is how you contribute to your own maturing soul as you feed it with kindness for others, with love and with the most important in the ingredient of mercy, which is so sorely needed on the planet at this time. We will continue this conversation another time. Have a fruitful day.”

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