Alberta, Canada, May 12, 2013.
Teacher Prometheus.
Subject: “The Still Small Voice – Trusting the Guidance Within – I.”

Received by Renée.

Prometheus: “All of humanity will benefit from even a single individual who makes the free-will decision to devote his or her sincere co-creative effort to spiritual leading, guidance and instruction. The individual who decides to follow Spirit’s leadings, the individualized life-plan that harmonizes and synchronizes with the Greater Plan for the evolution of culture on a planet, is given more than sufficient resources, mentorship, and loving companionship with Spirit – actual real beings. Let us repeat: Real beings with personalities and a great deal of wisdom, experience, and counselling expertise, that are carefully matched and calibrated with a willing and open-minded student.

“The advancement of a human partner of Spirit, a co-creative personality who is dedicated to serving the higher plan by contributing his or her gifts and energies, depends on the individual’s regular communication with their Indwelling Spirit and any of the personalized beings who are called into the ‘shared consciousness space’. The human being is also given opportunities to partner with other brothers and sisters on their life-plan as the ‘Adjuster circuits’ and all the celestial Helpers, Teachers and Guardians are intelligently coordinated to maximize the potentials for successful collaborative and Spirit-led activities.

“The planet Urantia is currently encircuited with celestial communication circuits that make it possible for individual Teachers to coordinate their activities and promote the associations of individual humans who are following their life-plan. This is one reason why humans notice more coincidence and serendipity when they are progressing in their learning, and developing enough coherence and alignment with the real communications they are having with their Indwelling Spirit. Consulting in trust with your ‘Still Small Voice’ before making each and every choice will lead you to resolutions and solutions in every situation you encounter.

“The majority of humans on this sphere require many years of experiential learning, free-willed choosing of the higher Spirit-supported decisions, mastery of their lower creature mind and service to their fellows to progress their personalities to a pivotal moment of maturity. Once a personality is refined and sufficiently aligned with Divine Will, this allows for the soul to make the mature decision to follow the part designed by the Thought Adjuster, the highest path a mortal on an evolutionary sphere can choose.

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“When we speak of Wisdom, we are speaking of the profound cosmic knowledge base
upon which the creature-personality can draw”
– Prometheus March 10, 2013. 11:11 Store