Alabama, US of A, June 15, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Spirituality and Laws.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Spirituality is a primordial component of a human being. The influence of the Father in one’s life is a constant. People can choose to ignore this influence – the advice and suggestions from the Divine In-dweller – but the Father’s work in inspiring us to become the best we can be never ceases.

“In your material life you have decided to separate spirituality from every other aspect of your society. When I talk about spirituality, I don’t refer to a church, but to your simply having the goal to fulfill the will of your Father in your life. The name you use for the Creator is irrelevant. What is important is that you think of Him as the highest Source of truth, beauty and goodness you can imagine. Those who kill and oppress their peers in the name of a vengeful God who prefers some people over others and who doesn’t treat all His children in the same way, are not living the will of the Father. Theirs is a God of their limited imagination. However, those who believe in a God of love, who is the individual Father of each and every person in this world, and inhabits each one, can truly aspire to manifest His will and become a reflection of this God. The attributes of the Father are truth, beauty, and goodness. Anything that doesn’t have all of these three attributes, doesn’t come from God.

“To those who walk this higher path, the rules and laws of the world are irrelevant. Human ideas of morality do not come close to the standards which those who aim for perfection require of themselves. Even when these persons have higher standards and even when some of the things that are accepted by society are repugnant to them, their life is filled with freedom, joy, and they are truly the masters of their own destiny.

“How could this be? With so many rules in this world a system that restricts human behavior even further would feel more oppressive and suffocating. The difference is that human rules are based on prohibition, the negative exhortation of not doing some things – you shall not kill, you shall not steal, etc. The rules of the universe can be summarized in one word – love. We are inspired to practice love, the highest love we can imagine, without reservation or condition, and for all beings, even for the Father himself, with the supreme goal of expressing that same quality of love we receive from God. This is a positive exhortation. We are asked to do something positive, instead of not doing something ‘bad’.

“A positive exhortation never allows for misunderstandings or deviations to the rule. With all your laws, rules and prohibitions, you always manage to find reasons to justify the most horrible barbarities. Not killing is a prohibition that exists pretty much in all the cultures and governments in the world today. It is so common that killing should not even happen in this world. However, this is not the case, for every day there are murders all over the world. Governments accept that killing is forbidden, except when it is necessary. Think about this for a moment. Where is the sense, the logic in this?

“Those who live according to the rules of love know that killing has nothing to do with love, because if you love someone you would never hurt that person. They know that, regardless of what is written in your constitutions or your laws, killing is never justified, not in wars, not when your siblings consider you as their enemy, and not when others reason in a different way to you. This is why the Master exhorts us to aspire to express a paternal love, not just a fraternal love. Those who have children and truly love them know that there is nothing these children can do to lose the love of their parents.

“Consider now all the children of humanity to be your children, not humanity’s children, but for them to be your own personal children, because if one of these little ones is in need and there is nobody else around to help them, it will be up to you. The children of the world should be the responsibility of all, not just the governments, not society, but all those men and women who truly love their peers.

“It is easier for most people to accept that they can love all the children in the world like they would love their own. It is harder for them to imagine that this love could extend to all people in the world. However, what are men and women, if not grown children? Can you love someone at the beginning of their life, and then take away that love later in life?

“Yes, it is possible to love everyone equally, and this is one thing that has not been tried on this world to any significant degree. In a world where the only rule is love, there is no need for anything else, no laws, no governments, no judicial bodies. This is the goal for this world and it depends on your doing your part to be a self-governing individual, motivated by the highest spiritual aspirations, and not by what others say is allowed. This is a change that will arise from the heart of every person that is illuminated by their inner Divine Spark, and from there it will extend throughout the world.”

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"Evil has a very short half-life.
That which is God-like is eternal" –
Dr. Mendoza, 2007 11:11 Store