Urantia, April 25, 2014 – date of transcription.
Teacher: Spirit-Self.
Subject: “Attachment to the Tree of Life.”

Received by Lytske.

Spirit-Self: “It is a wonderful habit so early in the day to open up during meditative Stillness in strengthening the bond with your Spark from God within. You are so willing and hungry to receive blessings beyond anything the world has to offer. Consciously open up your side to the reception of the Living Waters. Have those waters as a gentle rain fall over and through you to refresh and nurture your soul.

“Truly, to you it is a miracle that this oasis of refreshment is available to you at any time of your day and night, and whenever you open yourself up to receive. Much does your faithfulness in the God of your fathers grow when each day anew you ‘attach yourself knowingly and willingly to the Tree of Life, and feel God’s life-sap flowing through you. It is very rare indeed to develop and reach that state of consciousness whilst still in the habiliment of mortal flesh. Furthermore, the thought and the knowledge that the eternal One has made this possible for all His evolving children is the reason for great satisfaction to dawn in you.

“However, much depends on each individual’s willingness to spend time with Me and to get to know Me. The more humans get to know Me, the more inner satisfaction and peace will accrue in their souls. How strong their attachment to Me shall become will be dependent on the time spent with Me. Over time you have learned through experience that this attachment and openness still is and always has been a ‘two way opportunity street’.

“The grace and mercy of the great Creator is such that it is made possible that each mortal offspring will awaken to the urge and desire embedded in them to seek unity with their Spark from God within. Therefore, sooner or later, he or she will willingly come with an open heart, soul and mind to receive this Life-giving sap which flows on forever from Paradise from the heart of God without ever diminishing in strength.

“The manner in which this life-giving sap is received depends totally on the depth of reception on the part of the individual, and on the speed at which they evolve the urge with which they desire unity with their Light from God within their selves.

“God’s Descending Sons and Daughters have been so created with an innate capacity to receive and they know that they are firmly connected and attached to the All That Is. You as evolving beings have been given a peculiar gift to choose this attachment by having been given the opportunity to accept or refuse eternal life.

“However, you being God’s ascending children; how can you refuse eternal life when you don’t even know what it entails? It is like being a recalcitrant sulking child that is totally unwilling to listen to its heaven-sent Guide within, stubbornly convinced that its puny mind knows better than the One who gave it life in the first place.

“Think this through and ponder how dependent you are in being attached to the tree of life and having its life-sap flowing through you, unhindered and forever. It is your choice to open up your side of this silent communication to consciously enjoy this life-giving sap flowing through you, so you are able to grow and blossom to return much spirit fruit to the Giver of Life in return, it being your gift to the Eternal Creator God.”

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“Open your eyes, my friends, and get to know your environment.
Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan.

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