Illawarra District, Australia, January 5, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Intricacies of Our Communications.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Today we will discuss a number of ways in which our respective minds can ‘meld’ and pass on information from spiritual realms to the mortal realm. In doing so, it is important for you to realize that the process is greatly enhanced by the degree to which your soul-growth has progressed. More important than that is the age, experience and status of your Thought Adjuster when considering His or Her task of clarifying the data transfer that I or any of your Teachers aim to transfer by any of many accepted means.

“It is important to bear in mind, also, that we are severely limited by the very limitations of your mortal senses. Once you dwell in higher realms, many of your ‘occasional psychic senses’ will become everyday abilities.

For now this is how some of our communications succeeded: Your seeing the near-equatorial east-west Panoptian mountain range with its swirling cloud masses, allowed you to imagine great rainfall, when the coastal north-south Australian mountain range leaves the outback quite dry. We instantly confirmed the rainfall by showing you the wild rivers, our water conservation by showing you the many wide canals. You already had those references, and of barge traffic, from your European experiences.

“Your conclusions take but a split second, our confirmation of such facts are instantaneous by universe reflectivity. They can also come from your Thought Adjuster if your soul-mind fails to respond to our prompts. With the bio-engineered fruit you were shown, you sensed my pride at having produced that new staple to the Panoptian diet, and at your questioning my capacities, you glanced my laboratory of long ago. This was also how and when we got to know and appreciate each other better.

“Although the vegetation used in our packaging has nothing much in common with any flora on your planet, by us momentarily showing you the leaves of the alfalfa plant, you assumed its suitability as a commercially grown natural fertilizer containing a great deal of trace elements from deep in the subsoil. We confirmed your conclusion to be quite correct, and trusted you to give thought to such recycling wherever possible. So you see that aspects of our communications are quite intricate, and vision is an important part.

“That is it for now. If I were to give you any more, we could well be sharing pure revelation, and neither Aaron nor I have the approval for further disclosure. This is Samuel. Enjoy your day.”

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