She Needed Support, still does,
and the Robot Massage Table.

From the desk of George Barnard – January 15, 2014.

There is nothing more natural in healing than the art of Reiki. Of that I am convinced, because ever since I was a child I used my hands to “touch and make better” various sick pets, and in years following I used it on children and patients. In most instances these patients would be miles away, or half a world away.

The post-menopausal patient to be healed had recently been operated on her lower back. She had suffered for almost all of her life from severe back aches, and this was supposed to make it better. It didn’t. Some others in our 11:11 healing group had also been made aware of the lady’s needs for a thorough distance healing.

I decided to bring her into my Akashic Workshop, but when I looked at my massage table, there was a slim lass in her early twenties there. OK, I presumed, perhaps this youngster needs it more. It is rather unusual, quite rare, actually, for a patient to jump the queue, but it does happen. Perhaps this was my patient, but at a younger age.

I inspected her lower back area where the operation would have taken place. There was no mark, stitch or staple to be seen. I placed my right hand over the small of her back and my hand heated up and sparks were flying from it. I looked at her neck. It seemed rather arthritic. Her entire spine could do with some good work, really.

I felt that if this was my patient at an earlier age, I should still work on her lower back, but to my surprise, while my hand was stretched out over her body, my massage table now rolled back and forth, and the sparks kept flying from the base of her spine to the top of her neck. No need for me to move, the massage table “knew” what to do.

The next day I telephoned a colleague to tell her about my Akashic Construct massage table turned into an intelligent trolley “of its own accord”, and how painful sparks had heated my hand. She told me the lady’s back got to hurting so much because at the age of 23 she needed emotional support, and it could not be found.

It is in healing your fellow man/woman where and when you will be working closest with the Spirit from God that indwells you. I’m sure that Reiki is a gift, but it can certainly be learned as well. When you enter the Akashic Construct the past shakes hands with the future.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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