Urantia, March 13, 2014.
Teacher: Sprit-Self.
Subject: “A New Chapter” (a personal message).
              “Free Will and a Second Birth.”

Received by Lytske.

Spirit-Self: “From now on I shall be known as your Spirit-Self, whilst you are, and always have been, My little spirit-self, growing ever so slowly into My greater Spirit-Self! Do consider that this name change is not merely another statement. It is a direct request from your Thought Adjuster within. The name The Beloved One places me somewhere outside of you, which is not correct. I do appreciate that you often call Me your Beloved. However, after many lessons and much grief and struggle your eternal soul has attained some worthwhile development as you are finally realizing that I am closer to you than your hands and feet, or even your breath.

“I have existed within you ever since you could consciously think for yourself and make your decisions, rightly or wrongly. We are now embarking on a new chapter, a higher stage in evolutionary soul-development, and we mark this with a name change. This evolutionary development indicates a very important occasion for the human soul albeit not often noticed by the personalities that host these Gifts from God. Some time ago at your request I became your Thought Controller, rather than your Thought Adjuster, and you are now becoming more conscious of the fact that there are many ways in which to improve your behavior.

“Even though this is a most intimate and private conversation between a mortal and her heavenly Helper and Guide; I desire that you put our conversation in print just perchance there are others who have their own private soul-struggles and seemingly have no one to confide in. The time is becoming more urgent to let it be known that all thinking humans on this planet have a similar Wayshower from God within. I use the term ‘similar’ because even though we hail from the Source of the All Being, we have dissimilar experiences. The mortals we now inhabit share their diverse experiences with us. The Adjusters who inhabited mortals on other planets in space and time, but who were not elected, or could not be elected, to share eternal life with their human counterparts, gained different experiences again.

“Human free will is sacrosanct, and even angels are not allowed to interfere. It is always the mortal him or herself, who chooses immortality. This fact has been made possible by the Grace and unconditional Love of the Creator God. Mortals capable of independent thought, are also gifted at birth with an urge in their personalities to return to Paradise after their ascension journey through the various levels of learning to become perfected beings. Sometimes this happens on the planet of their birth, but usually it comes about during their Morontia existence. Before they become a young spirit, they develop the spiritual capacity to become one with their Godly Gift by the method of fusion. This mighty occasion marks the second birth of the human from mortality to immortality.”

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Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan.

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