Illawarra District, Australia, July 29, 2013.
Unknown Paradise Citizen.
Subject: “The Mystery of Time” (shortened transcript).

Received by George Barnard.

Paradise Citizen: “Today I wish to speak to you all about time. How interesting, I remark to myself! You are giving a lesson about a subject of which you know less than do your students! How arrogant you are, one might almost say! I jest. Naturally, those of us who are Citizens of Paradise, and for good reasons because of our given abilities, can observe transactions in time, boldly understanding time, but without comprehending time.

“Consider now a human child just four months old throwing a toy out of its cot. You pick it up and give it back to the child, but to him or her it is a brand new toy. The ‘earlier’ toy, when no longer seen, did, and quite logically so, actually ceased to exist to the child’s mind. Only the exercise of countless disappearances and consequent appearances will eventually prove to the child that there is continuation, and that the toy never went away. It was simply unseen.

“The game of peek-a-boo is an eye-opener for those born in time-space. Likewise for me it is a challenge to comprehend not so much the reality of time, but the sequence of events in time. I have not yet been in time-space, logically not at this point in my duties and growth, for there is too much to teach with ever more pilgrims arriving here from the seven super-universes. It would be selfish for those of my order to expect to be allowed to experience time.

“Experiencing time by actually residing in your dimensions – and naturally serving all Deity whilst there – is one of my dearest wishes, and it will truly come about, because we are able to observe these events, as we are able to observe all events and occurrences in all times, past and future. You, too, are capable of seeing events of the future, but you do so in cooperation with your indwelling Spirit Self, and on occasions you might do so in sponsored (aided) dreams.

“Much more difficult is it for you to in any way realize, comprehend, or ‘mentally touch upon’ the concept of eternity – to dwell within an unending realm where time does not exist. Here the new spiritual being that will be you will feel your very existence ‘marinated’ with an all-pervading happiness, a joy so difficult to describe, and here we will meet, the deeply committed friends that we are, and all those you wish to bring along, and we shall re-affirm our love for each other.

“Here in this timeless realm and with those of my order surrounding you, you shall slake your most ravenous thirst for knowledge, fulfill your greediest need for companionship, realize your greatest desire for sharing all that you entail, and gather the energy and drive to forward-plan your return to time-space as a contributor in your fields of endless expertise. I am a citizen of Paradise. May our love always reach across space and time, yes, into all eternity.”

George: “We will surely meet in person. Au revoir, my Friend.”

Note: This transcript has been sitting on my desktop since July 29, 2013. It came from an unknown Paradise Citizen, but I mistakenly thought it came from a friend of some years – One Without Name, Without Number. I could not post it to the 11:11 Progress List, because the Citizen claimed not to “grasp the reality of time-space”, whilst those Without Name, Without Number originate in time-space. Only today (March 13, 2014) did I finally receive confirmation that it was not my regular friend, but a person quite unknown to me.

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