Urantia, February 26, 2014.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “God-given Gifts and Opportunities.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Please, have no concern for what is going to come out of this session. The only thing I require of you is that you focus intently on my words appearing on the screen of your mind. You humans are so incredibly blessed and don’t even realize it. Life is first and foremost a Gift to be enjoyed, not to be endured, which is happening all too often. The second Gift given to you humans is free will which is taken for granted by you and therefore you hardly ever think deeply about what this free will is capable of achieving for you when steered in the right direction with true purpose. Therefore we come to the third Gift, which is self-explanatory, and that is the power of choice and decision making. What you decide from moment to moment is how you live your life and through these sequential moments you decide your future. Have you ever paused to think that when things don’t go well, that it is in your power to turn things around?

“Life is a grand opportunity to make the most of a career, and make it successful. It has been mentioned before that earth-life is your foundation and the very beginning of the life you shall live following this one, for mortal death represents the door into eternity. One must, however, during mortal life and when still young, start to pay heed to the still small Voice from God within, and be willing to listen and act upon its guidance by making informed choices and decisions. This then presents the exquisite possibility of fusion with one’s Fragment from God on the earth-plane. In leading a God-centered life, one can by-pass mortal death altogether, which happens quite often on more regularly evolving planets. However, it is worrisome that so few mortals pay attention to their Gift from God within on this backward planet.

“It is in all you humans with an ear to hear, to make that important choice to take some time each day to keep open and active the communication lines to your Fragment from God. Eventually you would be able to hear your Thought Adjusters all the time when paying attention. Fusion is truly the greatest Gift any mortal can receive as the result of becoming a co-creator with your Fragments from God within, and leading a God-centered life by using your capabilities in making the right choices and decisions.

“Your personalities which are also a Gift from the Creator, come with a build-in attraction, programmed to send you all the way to Paradise after your being perfected during the long journey through all the specially designed planets. There needs to be no reticence about this journey through eternity, there will be plenty of adventures and learning opportunities to keep you humans occupied and many teachers to help you along, should you need one. There will be no time for boredom; instead you have the opportunity to discover many, many gifts, waiting within you all, to be discovered. Especially after fusion, you shall also partake of the Gifts your Thought Adjusters have in store for you individually.”

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The only thing I require of you is that you focus intently on my words
appearing on the screen of your mind – Mentori Spokesperson.

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