Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “On Being Chosen.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “The claim made by this young man of eighteen is that he was ‘chosen by the numbers 11:11’, presumably by the Midwayers. He doesn’t know what his new task is supposed to be. I don’t want to even be thought of as a fortune teller first of all, and secondly I was never chosen, so, who is?”

Samuel: “The 11:11 time-prompt is a simple preliminary ‘hello’, and by extension an obvious invite for one to lead a more spiritual life, at least for those who actually research its origin and find your planetary helpers to be the initiators. The questions to be asked are, firstly, chosen by whom, and secondly, chosen for what purpose? The first answer is that we are all chosen – every man, woman and child – by our Father Creator. Secondly, we are all individually chosen by Him to one day, at our leisure, progress enough to earn eternal life.

“Truly, my dear friend, there is no argument about all of Urantia mortals being chosen to progress in their myriad ways to become perfect, God-like, and live on into eternity. Further, in each life there are multiple opportunities to choose your direction, even to be lured into a direction, but personal choice is sacrosanct. From age four, five, or six, likely decades beforehand, one’s Thought Adjuster may well know the beginning on to the end. On no account, however, will the Thought Adjuster’s human subject be cajoled.

“Remember, human free-will prerogatives cannot and will not be over-ridden, except in rare circumstances when planetary welfare is at risk. It was your choice from a young age to become just who you are today, at least in broad terms that was your choice. For my part it was an adeptness in biology that eventually got me the assistance of a Life Carrier when I asked to be aided in my work. Always the timing must be right, and there needs to be a preparedness to stick with a (spiritual) task for a human to finally be led a certain way.

“If you wish to so view it, there are of course other exceptions to free-will prerogatives, well, not quite, but let me explain: Those from higher realms incarnated on evolutionary worlds could be seen to be chosen. However, are they? Including the Creator of our local universe in His last incarnation? It was our Michael’s personal choice to experience human life on your world, and yes, He could have failed. Of course, with so much at stake, His future success was clearly foreseen on High, and no great risk was taken.

“As a free-will-endowed human, you do all your spiritual choosing, always in relation to opportunities – including being sponsored or guided – and limitations as they may apply. Yet at any given time you retain the free will to make a 180 degree turn to prove that only you make all the choices.

“This is Samuel. Aaron and I greet you both. Goodnight.”

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