Chicago, US of A, February 7, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Seek Balance in Your Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “It seems to be exceedingly difficult for most humans to balance their diverse activities in life. Many times one or two aspects of life are awarded exaggerated importance, while other aspects receive none or very little. There are three aspects of life that should be in equilibrium if life is to really be satisfying and productive: Work, leisure and devotion. Too much of any of these ‘life ingredients’ can throw the individual into hedonism, addictions and or fanaticism. Too little of them will show you as a grumpy, lazy or a secularized person. It is essential to find equilibrium among them, if one wants to experience a normal life, free of eccentricity.

“Rest and worship are necessary in life, but one must work in order to rest, and experience routine in order to feel the need of reversion. The lack of rest and leisure is highly detrimental to both human psyche and body. Sleep is necessary to recharge energies, while play is important for one to relax from the pressures of work, duty and responsibilities.

“Work is what produces change in a civilization and keeps institutions functioning. However work is most meaningful when its purpose lays beyond the accumulation of riches and personal aggrandizement, that is, when it benefits and helps others like family, friends neighbors and associates. Activities such as studies, training, artistry and professional sports are also considered to be work, although they may reflect the value of leisure for many who practice them. Work, even if strenuous, should bring satisfaction to the individual, only for the contentment of having his or her duty fulfilled.

“Although work and leisure can bring real satisfaction to life, they may only be about material realities and not fulfill the spiritual hunger that every human being feels within. Worship and service can fill the gap. Worship gives you the spiritual satisfaction of being connected in a personal and affectional relationship with the Source and Center of All Things, our Universal Father. Service, that can be seen as devotion to your fellow human beings, gives you the the satisfaction of making a positive difference in the lives of people, promoting the spiritual betterment of civilization in your world.

“Work, leisure and devotion make your living experience meaningful in its most important aspects. However, the lack or excess to any of these activities will be either detrimental or injurious to life. Equilibrium, balance, sobriety will give you a fair perspective on life and will promote a healthy and balanced personal growth. Examine your situation and seek the balance you need in your life. This is from Prolotheos your celestial tutor. Peace to all.”

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