Illawarra District, Australia, January 5, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Where It Is Most Needed.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I was born on this planet, I work here, but at my age I might likely contemplate getting off it if I could. You on the other hand …

Samuel: “I on the other hand, with the option and promise of Thought Adjuster fusion, was nevertheless allowed to put this sacred event on hold for long enough to see results of my endeavors here. Truly, I will see the results of my strivings. My thoughts of your world are not like yours. I know I am an infinitesimally small creature in an unmeasurably large number of ever increasing numbers of universes. This, you too will come to understand even more fully than you do.

“Together we are effective. With the Midwayers as go-betweens, the (11:11Progress) group has helped thousands live a more spiritual life, and an increasing number of these are becoming healers in various ways. As well, we have a few more reliable receivers of messages among our number. It aids our positive karma, yours and mine, but it does more than that. Indeed, it brings closer the very moment we deservedly enter Paradise. Have you ever been asked to resolve this world’s difficulties entirely on your own?”

(The receiver mumbles something).

Samuel: “I thought as much. The evolution of a thinking, God-knowing creature takes billions of years. It is my wish, indeed my obsession, to aid this planet’s progress and ideally, at this time, when the lever of our teachings against the fulcrum of chaos and despair in many quarters may propel this world into a ‘place of equitability’. The pendulum swings, my friend. It swings from good to bad to equitable and to poor. Your reckless living of today will in the future bring changes upon you and upon your country.

“So much more is known about the status of your world in the ever evolving spiritual realms in which I have dwelt. A time will come when for the greater proportion of the western and developing world there will be no such thing as retirement. In many lands the borders will close, and countries, states and provinces will aim for the production of their needs to reach a degree of self-sufficiency. Barter will become an important part of your trade, and those things you will purchase will be paid for with items of value, not printed debt papers.

“I remind you of my days on Panoptia where by and large we were small semi-rural communities. We grew enough food for our families and to trade with the community for what we did not grow. Our children were home-schooled, both parents taking turns as teachers. You know my world well. Note what you saw. Au revoir.”

Note: ‘Observations of Panoptia’ can be found here:

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