Chicago, US of A, January 2, 2014.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “The Best You Can Do.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Valdir: “My Spirit Within, I have heard our Teachers say: ‘Be the best you can be.’ Would you tell me, please, what is the best I can do?”

The Spirit Within: “If you want to be the best you can be in this life, focus on these values: Primacy, Mediacy and Ultimacy. Through them you will give your best to the Existential Trinity, yourself being an instrument for the Universal Father, the Original Son, and the Infinite Spirit.

“Primacy, my child, has two elements in Trinity: Order, and Importance. The Father is the Source of all things. He is the absolute first and most important of all that exists, and therefore, He has Supreme Primacy. The Father is your utmost best; there is nothing before Him. He comes first, and he is the most important of all. The Father alone is your Absolute Primacy; but, your relative primacy is your neighbor, not you. Make God your Absolute Best, and make others first and more important than yourself in your life, and you will be experiencing what is best for your life.

“In the same way the Father is your Absolute Primacy, the Original Son is your Absolute Mediacy. He is Absolute Personality. Therefore, He is absolute will. He is the One through Whom the Father speaks and reveals Himself. The Son is the Absolute Mediator. He is the Original Son, Who, in liaison with the Father gave origin to the Creator Sons, and all humans created by the Creator Sons are also sons. Therefore, you all are sons of mediacy. You, my child, were created to be a mediator (channel) of the will of God. You will be doing your best when you are not the end, the objective of what you do, rather, when you are the instrument, the mediator of the will of God for others.

“My child, when the Absolute Primacy interacted with the Absolute Mediacy in Eternity, the result was the personalization of Infinite Spirit, the Absolute Ultimacy. The Infinite Spirit is the God of Action; however, God does nothing for Himself; then, the God of Action can be properly called the God of Service, because service is, after all, the ultimate purpose of God. So, your ultimate best can be classified as genuine service, as God serve us all through the myriad upon myriad of His angels, the daughters of the Infinite Spirit. If what you do is service to your neighbor, this is the best you can do.

“Therefore, my child, the best is accomplished when you take yourself out off the equation. Effort towards you is tiresome; is energy wasted, because only energy that goes out from you returns to you. Your best, my child, is when your absolute primacy to God reflects in your relative primacy to your neighbor, when you mediate the will of God. Finally, you participate in the ultimacy of God, when you ultimately serve others with your life. Do not worry about yourself. I will take perfect care of you, because I told you before, and I repeat it to you now: I love you, and I will take you there, to the goal of your existence.”

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