Excellence in Living

Chicago US of A, May 15, 2012.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Excellence in Living.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Living is a technique of expressing personality in reality. Living is more than simply being; it is to interact meaningfully with the environment and others around you. Living is to exchange experiences for mutual enrichment. As a technique, living should not be left to chance – it can be mastered. Any individual can accrue personal excellence in his or her dealings through experience. Just as you can become a better professional by mastering the various aspects of your trade, you can also be a better human being by mastering the technique of living.

“To become the master of your own living, you need to know which things bring improvement to your life and which things impede your progress. For example, human living is improved when one finds the equilibrium between the self and others – seeking in life that which is good for you, and also for others. Selfishness seeks personal good without bothering about the well-being of others, but love takes others into consideration in everything that’s done.

“Living is also guided by principles or values. Personal values confer meaning to life – something important to live for. Values may assume different names in different cultures and for different people, but they all share a common characteristic: they all are paramount in life; they are, as we call, the ‘Will of God’, the ‘Golden Rule’, the ‘Right Thing to Do’, in all circumstances.

“Fundamental to mastering the technique of living is the development of a genuine resilience to life’s adversities. Resilience is not stubbornness, but persistence. It is the ability to deal with the difficulties of life without being discouraged, no matter how overwhelming your struggles can be. Only genuine faith in God and trust in your Spirit Within can strengthen your life with the divine input that allows you to ever rise up and start anew after each disappointment.

“Life is a constant struggle; it is what you make of it in the midst of these struggles. If you are always striving to do the will of the Father to the best of you ability and understanding, then you will daily improve your technique of living towards excellence.

“I am Prolotheos, your teacher and spiritual tutor, always no more than a thought away. I am glad that you consented to answer my recent prompts so we could deal with this unfinished lesson. My love is with you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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