Urantia, October 30, 2013.
Teacher: The beloved One.
Subject: “Pay Attention!” (an admonition).

Received by Lytske.

The beloved One: “Please pay attention to what I am going to divulge to you at this moment in time! The reason is that each moment is extremely valuable for life can change in literally one single fraction of time. One moment can catapult you to the most sublime heights of glory, and also to the deepest depths of sorrow. Therefore, it behooves for humanity to wake up en masse, and take note of the signs of ‘the changes in the sky’.

“Do not get Me wrong here, I am not in the habit of giving dire warnings but I am in the habit of nurturing My innocent little children into beings of great ability, which promise I have lovingly bestowed upon each birth. I have given you all the potentials to become mature, stable human beings, so when will you put your thinking caps on, and truly see what you can do, whilst living the precious life I have given you to experience.

“Will you ever realize what a great gift free will is? So you get to choose how you shall live your lives? It is supposed to be to your fullest satisfaction and My eternal glory. I love to be proud of My kids, or has this idea not occurred to you? Really now, when will you wake up and see the greater picture, for in reality you are not just citizens on this small orb in space, but you are also potential cosmic citizens. However, when you come to this mind-expanding realization, it then automatically behooves you all to act in a way that allows you to enter into responsible citizenship.

“Everything has its repercussions, whether you realize this or not. As a species with functional minds, it is also appropriate for you to put your thinking caps on, and meditate on how you can assist Me in unison to right this planet and help her breathe easier, because you are in danger of losing the further free gift of oxygen. What are you as a species going to do when the planet is all poisoned?

“It is incredible to Me to have one planet in My reign where the people still behave like kids in a sandbox, fighting among each other. You simply have no idea, that you are becoming the laughing stock in this corner of My creation, where many young planets are busily maturing and even move past you in their evolution. Yes, you are still fighting over this idea too, and you still insist that this planet was created in seven days. How ridiculous! Quit this childish thinking and grow up. Your scientists argue among each other. The answer is so simple, let the scientists and the religionists come together and come to the conclusion that you are all evolutionary creatures with great potential.

“Like any good parent would, I have given you all the needed means to figure things out for yourselves, so get your minds into gear, and brainstorm together. That will prove to be far more useful than wasting all the precious time I have given you on this planet. Please, do leave this place in better shape, so when your short stays here are done, you will have the choice to explore other planets in My creation.”

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